How to Create a CFD Mesh Using Fluent Meshing - Part 1 of 5

Fluent Meshing is ANSYS pre-processing tool of choice for Fluent users with large and complex geometries. Part 1 out of 5. A Formula One type geometry is used to demonstrate quick CAD import into Fluent Meshing. New high-resolution “surface wrapping” functionality is used to obtain a high-quality surface mesh ready for volume meshing. Such “patch independent” surface wrapping techniques are tolerant to disconnected or overlapping CAD surfaces and can be used to extract fluid regions from assemblies, avoiding the difficulties sometimes encountered using CAD-based Boolean tools. New graphical options in R15 are shown along with Diagnostic tools to find and repair problems. Fluent Meshing flexibility is shown where local nodal manipulation can be used to fix problems with the geometry at the mesh rather than CAD level.