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Improving the Design of Fuel Cells for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Fuel cells can produce electricity from external fuel sources and oxidizers, and they are clean, quiet, and highly efficient. Several types of fuel cells are paired with various applications, and polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells operate at lower temperatures than other types of fuel cells. These PEM fuel cells are used in aerospace and defense vehicles and personality mobility applications. 

Fuel cell performance is analyzed using physics-based or system-level models. When modeling a fuel cell system, structural aspects of the design may be of interest in addition to the thermal and fluid behavior typically studied with computational fluid dynamics.

In this webinar, we'll discuss the application of the PEMFC Module in Ansys Fluent to characterize the effect of geometric and operating parameters on device performance and thermal management. We'll explain the use of 3D ROMs to create system-level models for fuel cells and the application of the intrinsic FSI capability in Fluent to model their structural performance.

Speaker: Kurt Svilha, Senior Application Engineer, Ansys

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Learn about the PEMFC Module in Ansys Fluent
  • Create system level models for fuel cells using 3D ROMs


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