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Case Study

Using Ansys Granta Selector to Select the Right Thermoplastics for Challenging Environments


The product would be subject to rigorous and lengthy qualification testing to ensure that it met the challenge of operating in a wide range temperatures, pressures, and types of transported fluids. To overcome these challenges, the composite development team needed to collaborate with RTP manufacturers and suppliers.


Engineering Solution

Saudi Aramco’s composite development team used Ansys Granta Selector to find alternative materials for the design of multilayer thermoplastic systems. The software was integrated into Saudi Aramco’s materials selection process to act as a reference platform for material data among the partners. Granta Selector offered the flexibility needed to interface with other engineering software being used on the project.



  • Only 2 hours were needed for users to become fully trained in using the software.
  • Ten new candidate materials for RTP were selected from over 7,000 materials based on diverse criteria such as mechanical response, heat deflection, chemical resistance, processability, and cost.
  • The Granta Selector is a tool aligned with Saudi Aramco’s initiative for the development of nonmetallic applications in the Oil & Gas sector.


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