ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR™

Meeting the stringent safety standards for an autonomous vehicle requires testing of all complex interactions with the world, traffic and weather in millions of scenarios. Physical testing would require billions of miles of real-world driving and consume decades of development time and cost.,/p>

The ANSYS VRXPERIENCE driving simulator is powered by AVSimulation’s proven SCANeRTM. It is an open and scalable modular simulation solution that creates an ultrarealistic virtual world. ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR enables testing against a variety of objectives and performance requirements. It integrates replications of roads generated from high-definition (HD) maps and asset libraries, traffic situations, weather conditions, vehicle dynamics and more.

Any custom vehicle model can be connected through FMI, C/C++, ANSYS Twin Builder or Simulink.

VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR also integrates with all driver hardware simulator interfaces to create most immersive driving experience.

Webinar – Speed Development of Safe Autonomous Driving

VRXP DS - Massive Simulation


A fully virtual driving lab for testing lighting systems in a controlled environment

Reduce the night road tests and virtually assess headlamp performance, with real-time comparison and a connection to logical simulation. Clearly report on night-driving simulations, and virtually analyze the efficiency of your headlamps compared to your previous headlamps or even to the headlamps of your competitors, simply with a switch of configuration. Optimize the lamp light distribution design, the development of intelligent headlamps and test drive replacement. This way, you can validate the control law for higher quality, and to strongly reduce the risk of finding problems too late in the development process. Easily assess your matrix Beam & ADB, playing with hundreds of ready-to-use light sources from leading references.

  • Real time LED Matrix Beam (>100 light sources), up to 500 pixels each side.
  • Real time dynamics lighting strategy (AFS/ADB).

Photometric Qualification of ANSYS VRXPERIENCE for Virtual Night Drive Testing



Automate driving away from the road: assemble, test and experience optical sensors in a virtual driving experience. VRXPERIENCE readily integrates the simulation of ground-truth sensors and camera and lidar sensor types. Powerful graphical visualization capabilities enable you to assess your complex ADAS systems and autonomous vehicles virtually, by connecting optical and functional operations in a single drive simulator.

Use the ground truth sensor (GTS) simulation for all kinds of sensors:

  • Camera
  • Lidar
  • Ultrasonic
  • Radar

Benefit from powerful ray-tracing capabilities to recreate sensor behavior, and easily retrieve sensor results through a dedicated interface. This solution provides a unique way to collect virtual sensor information during driving and use the information to develop autopilot code.

Datasheet – ANSYS VRXPERIENCE Sensors

Driving Simulator Ansys VRXPERIENCE Sensors