Ansys RedHawk-SC is the proven industry leader for power noise and reliability signoff for your SoC designs. With a track record of thousands of designs in silicon, RedHawk-SC enables you to create high-performance SoCs that are still power efficient and reliable against thermal, electromigration (EM) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) issues for markets such as mobile, communications, high-performance computing, automotive and internet of things (IoT).

RedHawk-SC is a next-generation solution built on Ansys SeaScape, the world's first custom-designed, big data architecture for electronic system design and simulation. SeaScape provides per-core scalability, flexible design data access, instantaneous design bring-up, MapReduce-enabled analytics and many other revolutionary capabilities.



  • 設計內靜態和動態壓降分析
  • 設計內電遷移分析
  • 供電網路優化
  • 支援高度擴展性的彈性計算引擎
  • 為多域資訊提供靈活的資料分析
  • 縮短早期設計魯棒性檢查的周轉時間


  • Chip-Package Co-Analysis

    Chip-package-system co-analysis provides superior simulation accuracy and greater design insight than current independent analyses of chip and package.

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  • Thermal-Aware EM

    Redhawk identifies thermal integrity and thermal-aware reliability issues, which can have a significant impact on power (leakage), IR, timing and electromigration (EM), especially in automobile applications.

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  • Capacity and Performance

    RedHawk offers you the capacity and performance to simulate designs having over 1 billion instances using advanced Distributed Machine Processing (DMP) techniques.

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  • Silicon-Validated Signoff Accuracy

    Provides foundry-certified accuracy for the reduced noise margins and higher voltage drops typical for FinFET designs.

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  • Power Noise Impact on Timing

    RedHawk helps you understand the impact of dynamic voltage drop on timing for clock and critical paths using full-chip-level timing-impact analysis in a SPICE-based sign-off simulation.

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  • Integrity and Reliability of Advanced IC Packaging

    Encapsulating chips within a 2.5-D or 3D package improves power, performance and form factor. Redhawk is qualified for the 2.5-D and 3D package reference flows.

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