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Optical Simulation and Design Software

Optics and photonics play a critical role in the development of advanced, innovative products across a variety of applications and industries – from consumer electronics to health care, autonomy to aerospace and defense, and much (much!) more. The Ansys Optics solution suite provides the unique capability of simulating the behavior and propagation of light through optical and optically enabled products from the nano- to the macro- level, allowing for integrated modeling and co-simulation that enables the accurate and robust design of such products. Ansys Optics allows optical products to be visualized before they exist, delivering the ultimate design experience.

Optical Simulation in a New Light

High Level Features

Let Ansys Optics simulation software drive you to the best solution, no matter what your project or application. The software suite allows you to easily solve complex optics and photonics problems and refine your design for best performance, measured both by precise metrics as well as (when required) visual appearance for perceived quality. Significantly elevate final product quality with true-to-life visual experiences and combine design and engineering processes into a single, connected workflow. Prepare and appraise virtual prototypes of an augmented reality headset, optical sensors on an autonomous vehicle, or a cockpit HMI in a real-time, immersive environment– all with the diversity offered by Ansys Optics.

Optical lens

Optical Simulation and Design Software Products

JULY 2023


With the 2023 R2 release, Ansys Optics delivers innovation to our industry-leading software tools, addressing our customers' needs for state-of-the-artoptical design and workflow optimization. We're helping customers save time and money while enabling them to bring products to market faster.

For Ansys Optics, 2023 R2 adds the Optics Launcher with self-service trials,which provides our customers with a launch pad for all their Ansys Optics applications.

Speos faster simulations gpu compute



Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys Speos What’s New

Ansys Speos pushes the innovation envelope to deliver accurate, high-performance simulation capabilities for optics designers. The 2023 R2 release delivers powerful capabilities to improve simulation accuracy and expand interoperability with other Ansys products.


Ansys 2023 R2: Ansys Zemax What’s New

Ansys Speos pushes the innovation envelope to deliver accurate, high-performance simulation capabilities for optics designers. The 2023 R1 Release delivers powerful capabilities that speed time to result, improve simulation accuracy, and expand interoperability with other Ansys products.



Ansys Optics allows you to accurately and robustly simulate your optical and optically enabled products while also allowing you to visualize future products. Conduct precise analysis, optimization, and tolerancing of your systems to ensure that these systems are designed for manufacture and can be built at scale and brought to market quickly. Leverage physics-based light simulation to understand how your products look under real-world lighting and usage conditions.

Ansys physics-based imaging, illumination and optical design simulation software streamlines the design process to better understand how your product will perform under real-world lighting and usage conditions.

When customers evaluate your products, the overall look and details can make the difference. Simulate light interactions with materials so you can see how your product will appear in real-world conditions, letting you see eye to eye with your customers and making decisions. 

Optical sensors are the eyes of any intelligent system. Assess raw signals from camera and lidar systems in their operating environments. Post-process simulated data to optimize sensor layouts on vehicles in dynamic driving conditions. 

Use real-time, interactive and immersive environments to experience your prototype in virtual reality on a 1:1 scale. 

Simulate, analyze, optimize, and tolerance your optical designs based on precise knowledge of light paths and conditions. Design high-confidence virtual prototypes that you can thoroughly analyze before manufacturing. 

Design complex Optical surface, Optical Lens with rectangular, circular or freestyle grid for automotive lighting application, Design LightGuide for thin & homogeneous appearance

Quickly analyze the impacts of structural and thermal loads with our powerful Structural, Thermal Analysis & Results (STAR) technology. Simplify and optimize workflows between finite element analysis (FEA) packages and your OpticStudio optical design. 

Get optical designs to market faster at lower costs through easy cross-team collaboration. Convert complete optical designs into CAD on the Creo Parametric platform. Analyze optical performance impacts of mechanical packaging, and easily export CAD drawings to manufacturing. 

Streamline optomechanical packaging for your products without losing pace or sacrificing optical performance. Design better products faster with early insights into tolerancing and manufacturability. 



View All Ansys Applications

Autonomous vehicle sensor simulation including lidar, radar and camera design

Autonomous Sensor Development

Ansys provides a comprehensive autonomous vehicle sensor simulation capability that includes lidar, radar and camera design and development.

Vehicle Exterior

Vehicle Exterior

Ansys simulation enables you to optimize automotive exteriors by lowering drag, reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency and range.

Vehicle Interior

Vehicle Interior

Learn how Ansys simulation enables the optimization of vehicle interior design, from comfort and noise to the human machine interface.



Rapid and reliable innovation and testing of new cardiovascular medical devices and implants

Autonomous System Validation

Autonomous System Validation

Model-based safety and cybersecurity solutions accelerate autonomous system development and certification.


Ansys simulation solutions deliver the significant product lifecycle cost reductions that the aviation industry demands, while accelerating the technological innovation required for tomorrow’s success.


Ansys simulation solutions help accelerate modernization and optimize sustainment of defense technology from the microchip to the mission. Delivering advanced capabilities more quickly enables defense leaders to stay ahead of the threat.

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Simulation and Designs for Optical Coupling in PICs & Co-packaged Optics

Join us for an in-depth presentation on optical couplingsimulation methodologies, multi-scale simulation workflows, and the design and optimization of chip-to-chip and chip-to-fiber couplers. Led by senior application engineers anda guest speaker from MIT, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and skills to design high-performance and manufacturable optical couplers.

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Using Advanced Optics for Consumer Wellness Product Development

This webinar is tailored to engineers to validate optical systems, focusing on the use case of a smart band. The webinar aims to provide insightsinto how to effectively validate the optical system of a smart band with a heart rate sensor, explicitly addressing the challenges associated with non-standard wearing methods.

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Laser Applications Part 2: Simulation of Laser Propagation on the Mission Environment

Join us to learn how to model laser beam propagation and simulate the structural deformation caused by mechanical stress and thermo-elastic effects using Ansys Zemax OpticStudio.

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Modeling the Human Eye and Designing Presbyopia Correction in Zemax and Speos

Join us as we demonstrate how to model the human eye and design multifocal contact lensesfor Presbyopia correction using the eye model.

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Hidden Costof CAD Time

Join us to learn how Ansys tools model docking missions and simulate the sensor responses for cameras and lidars, leveraging our GPU solvers.

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With Ansys Zemax Choosing the Optimal Fabrication Chain at Minimum Cost for Your Lens is Just One Click Away

PanDao helps identify the optimal fabrication chain at any point during the optical design process. In collaboration with Ansys Zemax OpticStudio, real-time producibility analyses of your optical designs are achievable with one click. In this webinar, we'll discuss how to export lens data to PanDao and showcase how PanDao determines the optimal fabrication chain at the minimum cost.

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Designing the Future: Optimize Your AR Exit Pupil Expander with a 2D Grating Out-Coupler

Join our optical experts as they showcase how to address the design and analysis challenges of the AR waveguide optical system, leveraging the most effective methods, solvers, and workflows.

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Ansys Solution Overview for Electro-Optic Infrared Systems

Join us to learn how the complete Ansys Optronic solution consolidates all these system aspects virtually: electronic, optical, and mechanical, from design and validation to system integration.

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HUD Workflow Example

As Heads Up Displays (HUDs) become more prevalent in the automotive industry, designers and engineers are interested in simulating and integrating thesesystems with autonomous driving. This workflow explores the advantages of integrating optical tools with other physics solvers in an automated process. The results are a streamlined workflow, realistic simulation, better analytics, andreduced error.

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Ansys 2022 R2: What’s New in Zemax OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder

Join our upcoming webinar as we introduce two new products, Ansys Zemax OpticStudio, and Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder, to design and simulate an end-to-end optical system. We'll also show the enterprise edition thatincludes STAR (Structural, Thermal, Analysis, and Results) technology to integrate the impacts of structural and thermal loads on optical designsbased on finite element analysis(FEA) data sets.

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Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Zemax OpticStudio and OpticsBuilder What’s New

Learn about the latest updates for Ansys Zemax OpticStudio and Ansys Zemax OpticsBuilder.This 2023 R1 includes the Composite Surface (CS) property, allowing users to add the sag of one surface to the next surface and the change in optical performance due to surface deformations and rigid body motions.



VividQ Introduces Computer-generated Holography to Augmented Reality Devices

Modern optics allow transposing of complex light patterns into realistic 3D images projected through various devices. This process of engineering light to create 3D projections is computer-generated holography(CGH). The consumer and industrial electronics markets make practical use of CGH and optical design, building devices that keep us safe.

eli beamlines

ELI Beamlines Develops a High-power HAPLS Laser BeamTransport System Using OpticStudio

ELI Beamlines develops short-pulse secondary sources of radiation and particles. Its main objective is to become a truly multidisciplinary, user-oriented multi-petawatt (1015 W+, or one quadrillion) laser infrastructure to support groundbreaking scientific experiments and applications for physics, astrophysics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and materials science. ELI Beamlines uses OpticStudio’s efficient, reliable system modeling and beam propagation.


LightPath Designs Aspheric Lenses with Help from Ansys OpticStudio

LightPath creates high-quality, high-performing compact imaging designs that fit within thinner, lighter housings quicklyand cost-effectively. As a vertically integrated business that fuses world-class design and innovative lens fabrication with low-cost manufacturing, LightPath produces a diverse number and range of sophisticated products and solutions within tight time frames.


Meopta Boosts Productivitywith Seamless Ray Tracingin OpticStudio for Semiconductors

The systems Meopta specializesin combine precision optics witha high level of manipulation. As part of its product research and development services, the company delivers a complete built-to-spec design package, including optomechanical design, measurement, alignment methods, and environmental testing.

ozyegin university

Özyegin University Pioneers the Use of Ansys Zemax OpticStudio for Channel Modeling in Optical Wireless Communication

VISION structures its research around three main areas: smart cities, offices, and ̆ homes; manufacturing and medical; and smart transportation. For the latter, Özyegin used OpticStudio to model and analyze optical channels to understand the safety and communications applications of VLC technologies in vehicular transportation.

optix jsc

OPTIX JSC Optimizes Product and Design Development with OpticsBuilder and OpticStudio

OPTIX JSC manufactures a full range of optical devices and systems for army and law enforcement officials. It's the first Bulgarian firm to administera quintuple integrated management system adhering to the International Organization for Standardization(ISO) in quality management, information security, environmental protection, the military standard of NATO, and labor health and safety.

autonomous sensor

Ansys + CEVT

Optical engineers at CEVT rely on Ansys’ physics-based simulations to meet and exceed design challenges.

Ansys case study aircraft lighting

Ansys + Safran Aerosystems

Safran Aerosystems develops exterior aircraft lighting of the future thanks to optical simulation with Ansys Speos.



 OPTIX JSC is the only company in Bulgaria that develops and manufactures a full range of special optical devices and systems.



Ansys Optics for Automotive

Discover how Ansys optics can support you in transforming the way we drive and experience our vehicles, making safety, performance, and style integral components of the modern driving experience.


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