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3D Engineering Automation LLP


Established in 1999, 3D Engineering is a leading partner for over 1,000 manufacturing companies across diverse geographies and industry segments in India.  We offer technologies spanning digitalization of designs, multi-physics simulation, 3D printing, manufacturing process simulation, data, lifecycle, and shop-floor performance management.  3D Engineering began partnering with Ansys in 2017 and achieved Elite partner status within three years, endorsing the quality of our support services.

3D Engineering is headquartered in Pune with operations spread near most manufacturing clusters across India. Our support team includes domain experts in structural, fluid, and electromagnetic simulation.  It is the backbone and primary reason for our growth with Ansys.

Additional Resources

The Ansys products team at 3D Engineering is aptly supported by its services group.  This team includes subject matter experts with hands on industrial domain experience.  We help clients solve complex multi-physics problems such as mixing simulation of fluids and solids (using CFD and DEM), structural simulation along with thermal, NVH, durability, explicit and implicit modeling, multi-body dynamics, and electromagnetic simulation of high-end electronics / electrical installations. Click here for more information.

Product Line Expertise