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Ideation & Scaling up Startups - Engineering What's Ahead!

One of the challenges in the inception of engineering startups is the testing of prototype to ensure the required competitive advantage to build demand. Product demonstration, trial is important before investment in manufacturing and distribution capacity happen. At times, this is a prerequisite for many backers (investors, customers) before the funding decision is made. Simulation is the answer to this challenge.

At Ansys, we're committed to helping you solve your engineering challenges. The Ansys Startup Program equips the startup ecosystem with access to Ansys’ broad portfolio of simulation solutions, bundled and affordably priced to help early-stage startups grow their businesses while significantly reducing physical prototype tests. We help you to tackle your engineering challenges quickly, reduce developments costs, decrease design timelines, and increase product performance.

A consumer good startup was able to demonstrate the significant breakthrough by using Ansys’ simulation software and was able to raise crowdfunding of USD 3.1 million as against a goal of USD 100K. By working on multiple designs, an aerospace startup saved millions of dollars in hardware cost. These are just few examples where startups have invested in Ansys simulation to quickly raise funding, build customer confidence, and realize product competitive advantage.

Join us for this Startup Webinar Series for a Fireside Chat to hear from entrepreneurs, leaders and pioneers who are leading the transformation in their industries and creating the way for the future innovations in India! The entrepreneurs will share about their startup journey, vision, business growth, challenges, funding spectrum, the role of cutting-edge technologies like simulation and digitalization in accelerating product development. Let’s hear from the leaders on how to build for the future and empower the next generation of innovators.

On Demand Webinars

Conversations with Praan – The World’s Most Advanced Air Purifier Startup
Conversations with Praan – The World’s Most Advanced Air Purifier Startup

Join us for an exciting conversation with Angad Daryani, Founder & CEO, Praan. Praan is a venture-backed deep-tech startup using breakthrough patent-pending technology for filter-less capture of particulates and carbon dioxide from ambient air. They use scientific first principles and cutting-edge hardware and software to make clean air accessible to all. 

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