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Ansys at SPIE Optics & Photonics 2023

Join us at SPIE Optics & Photonics from August 22-24, 2023 in San Diego, CA
Booth #515

High Level Features

Accelerate your path to innovation with confidence and ease using Ansys Optics. Accurately and quickly solve multi-scale and multiphysics optics and photonics problems via a comprehensive, interoperable, and consistent tool flow powered by best-in-class optical, thermal, electrical, and quantum physics solvers.

Elevate final product quality with accurate and efficient design of complex optical systems and photonics devices, such as lasers, waveguides, photonic crystals, lens modules, and more by considering component optimization, system integration challenges, performance trade-offs, and tolerance analysis. Optimize and appraise virtual prototypes of high-accuracy lithography processes and optical metrology for smart manufacturing, a wide range of laser-based systems, optical sensors & machine vision systems, and more – all with the diversity Ansys Optics offer.

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Join Ansys live in-booth demonstration

You’re invited to join Ansys and participate in a live demo during SPIE Optics & Photonics 2023.

Meet with new industry connections from Ansys and Zemax at booth #515.

Date: August 22 - 24
Time: Exhibit Hours

Location: Booth #515

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Ansys + SimuTech
In-Booth Happy Hour
Tuesday, August 22nd

Join us on Tuesday, August 22nd at
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Optical Simulation and Design Software Products

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TV and Display System (GPU & Human Vision)

The perceived quality of a TV or display by the end user is a very important criteria for the display/TV manufacturer. Ansys Speos solution in combination with Ansys Lumerical enables designers to optimize the emission properties of the display pixels while considering the effects of illumination, viewing angle and human perception. GPU based optical simulation  has been enable in Ansys Speos to accelerate your development time.



Diffractive optical components like diffraction gratings and metalenses are becoming increasingly important for challenging applications like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Ansys Lumerical's RCWA solver is ideal for efficient and accurate simulation of this type of multilayered, periodic optical device. This demo will offer an introduction to the use of the Ansys Lumerical RCWA solver for optical simulations, including the new user-friendly RCWA graphical user interface.


CubeSat (STOP)

CubeSats are a class of nanosatellite that are designed to operate within standardized dimensions of 1U cubes (10 cm x 10cm x 10cm). To design a CubeSat system, a workflow needs to be defined for developing the optical design, opto-mechanically packaging the system, and modeling structural and thermal impacts that the system will experience in orbit. In this demo, learn how the Ansys Zemax software suite can be leveraged to take a CubeSat design through these modelling steps.


Cellphone (Lens Design)

Small form-factor camera designs, such as cellphone cameras, are required to meet ever more stringent performance specifications to compete in the field. Laboratory testing typically occurs late in the manufacturing phase where any previous errors in estimates that are found will cause significant schedule delays and cost increases. Simulation can enable customers to find these errors earlier in the process and prevent costly mistakes. To this end, in this demo, learn how the Ansys Zemax suite can be used to streamline the design workflow, from nominal design to optomechanical packaging to structural and thermal optical performance analysis.

Cross Product

AR Headset (Human Vision / RCWA / Dynamic Link)

Innovation is critical to gaining an edge in the development of the next generation Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) devices. Ansys Speos, Ansys Lumerical, and Ansys Zemax offer optical designers the tools they need to efficiently design and simulate the performance of their AR/VR systems, decreasing the time to market and ensuring that system performance meets required standards. In this demo, learn how Ansys Optical tools work together to holistically simulate an AR headset application.


Light path optical system simulations
Will Optical Interconnects Replace Copper - Hear What James Pond at Ansys Thinks Podcast

James Pond, Distinguished Engineer at Ansys, talks with Pat Hindle, Media Director at Microwave Journal and Signal Integrity Journal, about how copper interconnects are reaching their limits with high frequency/high-speed signals and optical interconnects are becoming mature enough to replace them with higher speeds and lower loss. Sponsored by Ansys.

On-Demand Optical and Photonics Webinars Webinars

These on-demand webinars share the knowledge and experience of Ansys experts and our partners to guide you in the strategic adoption of engineering simulation.

Upcoming Photonics Webinars Webinars

View these upcoming webinars to find content that may pique your interest to gain knowledge from Ansys experts and partners. These Webinars fuel a source of learning to help lead viewers down the path of exploration and innovation in engineering simulations.

Case Study & White Papers

Ansys + Hewlett Packard Labs Case Study

Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) Silicon Photonics (SiPh) is one of the technologies that we are working on. To design a ring-resonator-based co-packaged (see image 1) DWDM SiPh chip, it was important to implement a comprehensive and robust design flow with the flexibility to efficiently uncover the best designs while eliminating the need of re-spin.

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections
Ansys CML Compiler Helps CompoundTek Increase Automation for Building Compact Model Libraries Case Study

As an innovate leader in silicon photonics, CompoundTek set out to deliver 3-sigma statistical support to provide customers with best-in-class PDK models that are representative of CompoundTek’s proprietary manufacturing process. 

Ansys Lumerical RCWA
Customer Success Case Studies Customer Success

Our Customer Success stories describe how customers utilize Lumerical tools in their applications, achieving their desired goals.


Photonics Flash Forward
How to Create a Physics-Based Laser Compact Model for a Photonic Process Design Kit (PDK) White Paper

This paper discusses the importance of accurate laser compact models in photonic process design kits, describes different laser models available in Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT, and explains optimal steps to create a laser compact model that includes temperature and noise effects.

How to Design Foundry-Compatible Custom Photonic Components
Enabling Accurate Electronic-Photonic Co-Design with a Synergetic Workflow on GlobalFoundries Fotonix™ Platform White Paper

Massive growth in research, development, and applications of CMOS-compatible integrated photonics in recent years, along with its expected potential for the years to come, has sparked an ever-increasing demand from designers for seamless and all-inclusive design automation solutions that can enable electronic-photonic co-design while being accurate and easy to use.



Lens on a machine
Optics and Photonics Blogs Blog

These blogs share the knowledge and experience of Ansys experts and our partners to guide you in the strategic adoption of engineering simulation.

Synopsys Partner Page
Unlock first-time-right complex photonic integrated circuits Blog

The capacity and energy efficiency challenges from the growing appetite for high-speed data along with advanced applications such as LIDAR and quantum computing are driving demand for increasingly large-scale photonic integrated circuits (PIC). With an ever-increasing number of components on a single photonic chip, manual techniques focused on the physical layout of components are becoming no longer feasible. 

Diffractive optics in healthcare

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