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Ansys at NAFEMS World Congress 2023

Booth #4

Visit our booth at NAFEMS World Congress taking place in Tampa, FL May 15-May 18, 2023.

The Power of Ansys Simulation for Sustainability

What Stands Between Us and a Healthy Planet?

Scientists and engineers are working to scale their sustainable innovations faster with the predictive power of simulation. Simulation is essential to showing precisely how products will work, enabling innovators to move confidently from idea to reality at the pace our planet needs now.

Delivering efficient energies — from wind, solar, hydrogen, consumer waste, biofuel, and more — involves solving complex, physics-based challenges. 

The next great leaps in human advancement will be powered by Ansys.

Take a leap of certainty with Ansys.

The Need for Interconnectedness to Support the Challenges of 2023 and Beyond

As we stare into the fourth revolution the key question is – how does this affect the future of engineering?

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Topics covered by Ansys at NAFEMS World Congress 2023

Simulation for Sustainability

Sustainability is now a corporate goal that every engineer must be aware of. Simulation is critical to exploring new ideas in making products more efficient while reducing our carbon footprint. 

Join speakers from Ansys talking about CFD modeling of a rotating packed bed for CO2 capture and the design challenges of low emissivity for window coatings.

Next-Generation Automotive

Digitalization, optimization, and simulation are critical enablers for next-generation mobility. Join experts on topics ranging from simulating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for autonomous vehicles, using MBSE to produce better e-powertrains and using simulation to design a pressure-decay battery pack leak test system.

Artemis I antenna simulation visualization
Accelerating Aerospace

From advanced air mobility to commercial space, simulation accelerates innovation and speeds new technology into service by predicting real-world performance for a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future. Experts from Ansys talk through mission-driven and safety-critical software development for A&D.

Materials & Additive

Understanding the impact simulation plays on advanced composite materials and additively manufactured components is increasingly important across many industries in overcoming various challenges. Teams across Ansys will present topics from a software framework to enable ICME, multiscale modeling, and the impact of surface roughness for additive parts.

Simulating Structures

Core to many NAFEMS members' interest is structural simulation. We talk through a wide range of topic areas, from solder fatigue, cohesive zone-based debonding, Krylov subspace techniques for reduced-order modeling for structural & acoustic simulations, and applying machine learning-based multiscale simulation of composite materials.

Ansys Minerva analytics enable managers to track projects
Simulation Data Management

As more capable solvers are used, and more data is generated, enterprises are turning to Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) capabilities to capture, manage and collaborate on their simulations. Ansys specialists will discuss the why, what, and how of SPDM and how it's used for compliance with medical device computational models.

Presentations at NAFEMS World Congress Presented by Ansys Employees

Day 1

5/16/202310:30 AMAnsys Use of GPU's in SPEOS and HFSS Real-Time-Radar - scaling performance for the Autonomous and Automotive (SPEOS) marketDr. Laila Salman
5/16/202312:05 PMA Krylov Subspace Based Reduced Order Model Technique for Structural and Acoustic SimulationsJeff Beisheim
5/16/202312:25 PMImpact of Surface Roughness on Additively Manufactured X-Band Waveguide Components for Radar ApplicationsLaila Salman
5/16/20233:30 PMAnsys Use of GPU's for Fluent and Rocky and Mechanical - scaling performance for CAE physics solversDevashish Sarkar
5/16/20235:45 PMWhy, What and How of Simulation & Process Data Management (SPDM)Sak Arumugam
5/16/20235:25 PMAdaptive Analysis of Cohesive Zone Based DebondingSiddhartha Mukherjee

Day 2

5/17/202311:15 AMBreakout Session: Accelerating CAE with NVIDIA GPUs on Microsoft AzureSunil Karri
5/17/20232:10 PMQuantifying Electronics System-Level Effects on Solder Fatigue with Submodeling SimulationTyler Ferris
5/17/20234:15 PMMultiscale Simulation Methodology for  Part Qualification of Additive Manufacturing (AM) PartsSunil Acharya
5/17/20234:15 PMHigh Fidelity Physics-Based Electromagnetics Simulation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for Autonomous VehiclesUshe Chipengo
5/17/20234:35 PMA Software Framework to Enable Automated ICME WorkflowsDavide Di Stefano
5/17/20235:15 PMCFD Modeling of a Rotating Packed Bed for CO2 captureMuhammad Sami
5/17/20235:15 PMMission-driven and Safety-critical Software Development for Aerospace and DefenseBernard DION
5/17/20235:15 PMEngineering Design Challenges of Silver-Based Low -Emissivity Coating Technology for Energy Saving Sustainable Windows ApplicationsDuane Mateychuk

Day 3

5/18/202311:35 AMMulti Flexible Body Dynamic (MFBD) Methodology for NVH Performance Analysis Considering Motor Electromagnetic Force in EV SystemYoung Su Lee
5/18/202311:55 AMEnabling Compliance of Medical Device Computational Models per the ASME V&V40 Standard through SPDMSunil Karri
5/18/20232:20 PMModel Based Systems Engineering Produces Better Electric Powertrains When Coupled with SimulationIlya Tolchinsky
5/18/20232:00 PMMachine Learning-based Multiscale Simulation of Composite Materials with Applications to Electronics Drop TestsSandeep Medikonda

We Make the Impossible Possible

At Ansys, we’re constantly finding new ways to bring innovation to life. And we do it like nobody else can. That’s because our team lives on the edge of brilliant physics and revolutionary ideas to push the limits of what’s next. Take a leap of certainty and join the Ansys team to make a difference.