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Additive Manufacturing Webinar Series

Using Materials Data for Faster, Cheaper, More Repeatable Additive Manufacturing.

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As additive manufacturing (AM) technology evolves, better understanding of the data generated during AM projects becomes vital to realizing its potential. This applies both to empirical data, derived from production and testing, to data generated by simulation packages that help users understand material, process and machine parameters.

The resultant traceability through data capture can typically result in cost savings upward of 25%, with double-digit repeatability improvements achievable by using data analytics. Finally, by allowing the free flow of data through integrated design and simulation tools, time to market for AM projects can be decreased by up to 20%. Join our webinar series to learn more about this.

On Demand Webinars

additive manufacturing webinars

How Material Data Traceability in Additive Manufacturing Drives 25% Cost Savings Webinar on Demand

In our first webinar of the series, we explore the elements of material data traceability that are offered as part of the Granta MI Additive Manufacturing solution. Working across the AM value chain we’ll outline the drivers to achieving 25% cost reductions by introducing material data traceability.

Additive Manufacturing Webinars

Making Double-Digit Repeatability Improvements in Additive Manufacturing a Reality WEBINAR ON DEMAND

In the second webinar of the series, we talk about the power of data analytics. Capturing and traceability of the data from additive manufacturing builds are important, but understanding it with the right analytics can help transform your business. We go through the business case of how double-digit repeatability improvements can be made a reality with the right approach to data analytics for the AM build.

Additive Manufacturing Webinars

Reducing Time-To-Market of Additively Manufactured Components by up to 20% WEBINAR ON DEMAND

Our final webinar is about getting your additive components to market faster. To accelerate this process requires real and seamless integration across multiple tool and system sets. We outline how an open architecture allowing for the free flow of AM material data across CAD and CAE tools helps to bring products to market up to 20% faster.

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