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Shane Emswiler

Senior Vice President, Products

Shane Emswiler, who joined Ansys as a result of the Ansoft acquisition in 2008, is the senior vice president of products. He has been in the simulation industry for more than 15 years, bringing significant experience to his current role. He previously led the Physics Business Unit and before that, the Electronics Business Unit, after transitioning from chief financial officer of Ansoft.

Shane Emswiler

Articles by Shane


Streamline Pre-Processing, Meshing and Materials Selection with Ansys 2019 R2

Ansys 2019 R2 unveils new SPEOS and Mechanical user interfaces that streamline design workflows.


Ansys 2019 R1 Delivers Workflow Improvements for Pervasive Engineering Simulation

The Ansys 2019 R1 release speeds up product development, expands pervasive engineering simulation and launches an MBD product line.


Ansys 2019 R3 Improves the User Experience and Autonomous Vehicle Development

Ansys Autonomy offers engineers an end-to-end solution to develop autonomous vehicles.


Ansys 2020 R1 Helps Users Collaborate on Multiphysics Simulations

Read about how Ansys 2020 R1 helps cutting-edge companies address complex engineering challenges.


Ansys 2020 R2: Simulation Innovation for the New Normal

The new normal in simulation is fast, technologically innovative and data-driven with Ansys 2020 R2.


Solving Larger, More Complex Systems Using Ansys 2021 R1

Learn how Ansys 2021 R1, our latest software release, gives you the power and capabilities to handle increasingly complex product design and development challenges.

Bondwire simulations using Phi Plus mesher

Ansys 2021 R2 Provides Risk-Free Engineering Exploration

New capabilities across the Ansys software portfolio help you capitalize on computing power to optimize complex products, assemblies and systems and collaborate across multiple engineering tools.

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