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Ansys Employee Spotlights

Padmesh Mandloi

I show our customers what’s possible.


How I’d Explain My Job to a Kindergartener

When you are asleep at night and the air conditioning is quiet, it is because the company that made it used Ansys simulation to make sure it wouldn’t make noise. My role is to build a strong team that helps companies to test products using our computer software.

My Career Journey

I have been with Ansys for a little more than 19 years now. I joined Fluent India back in February 2003, fresh out of college. I received a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay and then joined Fluent through a campus interview. 

I started off as an application engineer supporting the Fluent Japan office out of India. By 2005, I moved to supporting the automotive Industry team of North America. In 2007, I became a team leader and by 2009, I started to manage a team of application engineers responsible for the Midwest and Central regions in North America. I continued as a senior manager managing a team of more than 20 application engineers from fluids, mechanical and electronics backgrounds covering the entire East, Central and Midwest regions, partnering closely with the North American sales and ACE leaders.

In 2013, I began a 2-year executive general Master of Business Administration (MBA) course where I secured a gold medal for scholastic performance. After completing the course, I moved to the Technical Account Management (TAM) organization, taking care of the European and North American headquarters accounts in the India/China region, like General Motors, Bosch, Daimler, and others. Then I moved to managing TAMs and started taking care of the India-China TAM teams. In 2020, I moved to Seoul, South Korea to bring enterprise transformation and operational excellence in the Ansys Customer Excellence (ACE) team.

What I Actually Do

I have two main focus areas in my current role. I lead the ACE organization in Korea. My team is responsible for the technical selling of our products and providing our customers with the proof of concepts they need to make the decision to use simulation. From there, we are able to provide ongoing technical support and consulting for the products they purchase. 

Additionally, I manage a big part of the APAC Technical Account Management (TAM) organization with nearly 20 TAMs, spread across Japan, Korea, China and India, managing Enterprise and Strategic accounts.

Why I Choose Ansys

Ansys is the #1 simulation leader in the world. Ansys technology, the customers, the people, the culture, my role, the flexibility, and the opportunities for growth, make it a unique place to work. Fluent, the company I joined originally, was very much like Ansys, but with Ansys the scope of the role and possibilities keep getting wider and wider.

Growth Opportunities

I have never felt that I am working out of pressure at Ansys. Each day at work has been as enjoyable to me as the previous one. The constant change that Ansys brings, through acquiring new technologies, new customers, keeps the freshness alive. Ansys has always been a company on the move.

A Winning Culture

Ansys’ culture is special because of our focus on excellence and the recognition of good work, irrespective of where you are and what you do. It is the abundance of opportunities which are equal for all — and, most importantly, the diversity that Ansys brings out — that makes the culture special. 

My Best Advice

Keep learning. There's no end to how much you can learn at Ansys. Keep doing your job and Ansys will take care of you. And always think of the customer first.

What You Might Not Know

I write children’s stories. I realized I have a great skill while I would narrate bedtime stories to my kids. I have compiled my first story book (under publication right now), comprising 25 stories for kids aged 4-12.