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Ansys + PTC

Following the Product Life Cycle

Developed Together and Deeply Integrated

PTC brings together augmented reality, the industrial internet of things, product life cycle management, and computer-aided design solutions to help industrial companies create value. PTC and Ansys share the vision of supporting organizations that are improving product designs and streamlining operations through the PTC ThingWorx® Industrial Innovation Platform and the democratization of simulation with Creo® Simulation Live, powered by Ansys, and Creo Ansys Simulation.

“Ansys brings this whole dimension of best-in-class simulation. Together, we can provide a seamless experience that represents the best of what Ansys is capable of and the best of what PTC is capable of, working together almost as if it came from one company.” 

Jim Heppelmann
President & CEO, PTC

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Developing a Platform Solution for the Industrial Internet of Things

PTC and Ansys announce a solution that will enable Ansys engineering simulation technology to be rapidly added to applications built on the ThingWorx® Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform from PTC.  


Creating a Digital Twin of an Electric Motor

Watch this video to see how the partnership between Ansys and PTC makes it easy to create a digital twin to measure current, voltage and temperature as a motor is running.


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Simulation advances the IIoT and digital twins by speeding the development of connected hardware and embedded software that create the data used to simulate digital twins of physical assets.