Designing for Harsh Environments

The IoT inherently requires migrating devices out of controlled and predictable environments and into the real world, which can be unforgiving place. Fast-growing applications such as drones, wearables, self-driving automobiles and smart industrial equipment must operate reliably in harsh environments, where they may be subject to vibrations and physical impact. Despite these conditions, IoT devices must be robust and stay active for extended periods and across great distances without maintenance. A malfunction can result in mission failure, significant investment to repair or replace the system, and even risk to human lives.

ANSYS engineering simulation tools can account for all the relevant physical forces while they model vibration, fatigue and impact. ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise with nCode can be used to simulate the impact of vibration, predict failure due to fatigue and guide design choices that maximize robustness. One leading supplier in the aerospace and defense sector used ANSYS Mechanical as part of a major redesign of an IoT-like component. As a result, they were able to save over $1 million by reducing the development time, eliminating outsourced FEA consultant fees, reducing testing, improving product capabilities for accuracy, and maintaining safety.

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