Chip Package System Design

Many IoT components are small devices that must be very power efficient — think wearables, implanted medical and mobile communication devices. Small devices mean small electronics (IC, package and PCB). High density electronics create difficult signal integrity, power integrity, EMI and thermal management design challenges. IoT devices have the additional mechanical engineering challenge of creating flexible electronics that can withstand vibration and impact and operate in harsh environments.

To meet these requirements, ANSYS offers a simulation-driven chip–package–system (CPS) development methodology that is multiscale, multiphysics and multi-user. The methodology is multiscale in that it provides simulation technologies that range from the nanometer scale, used in IC and other chip designs, to the meter scale, found in servers, unmanned aerial vehicles and other designs. Multiphysics gives you the ability to simulate various physical phenomena across chips, packages and systems, including power optimization, signal power and thermal integrity, electrostatic discharge (ESD), electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic compatibility (EMI/EMC), heat transfer, fluid dynamics and structural mechanics. The multi-user aspect enables chip, package and system designers to use the simulation platform to simulate and collaborate on various physical phenomenon to create increasingly complex products.

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