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Welcome to the Ansys Holiday Experience 

See how the super power of simulation brings joy to the world.

Santa + Simulation

Simulation lets you see into the future to understand what will happen and how. What would happen to a fully loaded sleigh if it had a holiday fender bender? What if a sleigh used rotors or a jet engine instead of reindeer? Simulation brings the power of imagination to life, letting Santa make the best new toys, or sleighs, possible.

Santa’s Digital Transformation Video Playlist

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Santa Says “Safety First”

Santa oversees a simulated crash to make sure his sleigh is designed with safety in mind.

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Snowman Impact Test

Snowmen can be a danger for Santa when sleighing in white-out conditions. With simulation, he knows how to reinforce his sleigh. 

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Reindeer Optimization

You already know all the reindeer by name, but what would happen if Santa added a few more? 

Redesigning Santa's Sleigh for Aerodynamic Efficiency

Santa is experimenting with maximizing lift on his sleigh by simulating his design changes in real time with Ansys Discovery. 

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Proper Present Placement

Have you ever thought about where exactly under the tree you should put those presents? Here’s why you should. 

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Up and Away in a Different Kind of Sleigh

Take a virtual ride with Santa in his vertical takeoff and landing sleigh.

At Santa’s Workshop, sustainability is a top priority. Simulation helps Mrs. Claus understand the toy workshop’s environmental impact, lower noise pollution, and even track the best path for Santa’s sleigh so he avoids space debris.

Santa + Sustainability

Space debris removal (as well as de-risking orbital collisions) is an important component of sustainability. Ansys’ AGI Digital Mission Engineering suites enable realistic space/orbital mission planning and simulations to explore orbital debris reduction/removal strategies, such as adding a small, lightweight magnetic plate to future satellites that another satellite will grab and de-orbit at the end of missions. This way, we provide a sustainable orbital environment for future missions. 


When scientists and engineers want to monitor the impact of global warming by measuring elevation of glaciers and ice sheets from a satellite, they turn to Ansys. Our accurate solutions help to pinpoint the precise location of the satellite to determine the altitude of the ice sheet and provide confidence in maintaining the operations of the satellite and its path over the Earth. When you’re looking for insights into changes in global ice height to monitor the impacts of global warming, turn to Ansys. Our simulation-enabled scientific data collection provides the required accuracy based on proven flight dynamics and orbit determination software.  


Ansys offers multiple ways to identify noise and vibration sources so products can be designed for quiet and smooth operation. Ansys software can even let you hear what a simulation sounds like before a product is even created. From a creaky seat to an aircraft engine that is too loud, acoustics simulation improves products small and large.


Engineers can use materials to deliver positive environmental outcomes. New materials can make aircraft and cars lighter so they use less energy. Renewable energy sources, coupled with new batteries show promise in helping to make the air cleaner. Even solar power depends on using the right materials to collect and store energy from the sun.  


Our Holiday Gift to Junior Engineers

What would engineers build if money and resources were no object? What if we could let go of all our preconceived notions about what a car should look like, or a plane, or a watch? Kids already do that.

Innovation and science literacy will lead to new products and processes that sustain our economy – and this depends on a solid knowledge base in the STEM areas. Ansys strives to inspire the next generation of engineers, who perhaps, stumble on some great ideas with real-world applications. Explore some of our fun, creative, imaginative resources to encourage and challenge junior engineers to create buildings, vehicles, and technology using any materials imaginable, pushing the limit of what humans can build.

As a holiday gift to you, the next generation of engineers, we are making our Ansys Discovery Student software free for download.

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Innovation Courses

Spark the interest of the next generation of engineers with these award-winning, free, online physics and engineering courses.

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Track Santa’s Sleigh

Once again, we’re helping NORAD track the whereabouts of Santa’s sleigh as he delivers presents. The countdown is on!

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Holiday Coloring Book

There are numerous benefits of coloring for children and adults – from improving physical and metal wellbeing to sparking creativity and innovation.

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