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Ansys and Ferrari Competizioni GT – A Partnership We Can All Trust

Ferrari Competizioni GT: Innovating and Winning with Ansys Simulation Technologies

Ferrari's commitment to the track has always extended well beyond the world of Formula 1 to include GT racing. GT competitions are part of Ferrari’s DNA. To be an innovative  leader in the sport, Ferrari synergizes its efforts across different divisions; Competizioni GT leverages the best of breed in the race for continuous technological development.

Without simulation it would be virtually impossible to deliver results with the limited time frame available. Ferrari’s continuous investments in engineering simulation can be seen in the performance we achieve on the race track.  

Our collaboration with Ansys started in 1998, when we were pioneering simulation tools to support the work of aerodynamicists. Simulation was a key advantage for us. As we grew our engineering team and its expertise, our expectations for Ansys also became more demanding. Our relationship with Ansys has kept growing, and in the last few years we have achieved unprecedented alignment in our vision for the evolution of a  technical roadmap.  Ansys has been a key technology partner in achieving our success.

Hear from Ferdinando Cannizzo — Head of GT Racing Car Design and Development, Ferrari Competizioni GT


Simulation World 2020

Learn about the evolution of simulation at Ferrari in the last two decades to reach the present status, and what must be achieved in the future to meet  the challenges Ferrari is up against.


Simulation World 2021

Ferrari Competizioni GT is known around the world for speed, high quality and precision engineering. With a history of over 70 years of racing on tracks all over the world, Ferrari has established a tradition of winning using cutting edge technological solutions to race past the competition. Ferrari Competizioni GT engineers work constantly to optimize aerodynamics and other aspects of vehicle designs, with the goal of crossing the finish line first and reinforcing Ferrari’s brand leadership by accelerating the pace of disruptive innovation with advanced technologies that deliver exponential innovation.


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Ansys Ferrari videos

Supported by Ansys, Ferrari Races Toward Faster Development of Head-up Displays

Ferrari is pioneering the use of head-up displays (HUDs) in its GT race cars. Because these displays are designed to share critical real-time information on the windshield without impeding the driver’s view, they must be developed and verified with an incredible degree of precision.

Ansys Simulation software helps Ferrari Competizioni GT revolutionizing the Interior Development

Ansys offers a unique way to model real-life human interactions with displays and controls in a safe virtual environment. By immersing themselves in the virtual reality of the cockpit they’ve designed, engineers can reach for controls, view displays and check the visibility of the entire cockpit environment under a wide range of lighting conditions.

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