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Integrate Third Party Apps into ANSYS Workbench without Creating Frankenstein’s Monster

Image of Frankenstein’s monster in a chaotic lab.

You can’t call yourself a simulation master until you Frankenstein numerous third-party applications into one model.

Sure, ANSYS Workbench makes it easy to connect internal tools like Fluent and Mechanical.

However, this hasn’t always been the case for third party apps — or even competitive software.

ANSYS’ first attempt at simplifying third party app integration was with External Connection. However, customer reviews told us that this option required a bit too much effort.

These customer reviews led to the creation of ANSYS ACT. This tool simplifies the customization of simulation workflows.expands ACT to include the Workflow Designer.

The Workflow Designer allows you to add any script or executable into your Workbench schematic. It even parses the input-output files of your parameters automatically.

You can then publish and build extensions of your third party integration. This extension can then be used by colleagues, partners or customers who use Workbench.

To see how to build these extensions, watch this video:

You no longer need a lightning bolt of inspiration to stitch together a Frankenstein of ANSYS solutions and third-party software. All you need is an executable and a few minutes to make the connection (a)live.

To learn more, check out the ANSYS simulation platform.