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Exercises: Materials; Classification and Properties 2022

This resource contains a set of 43 exercises focused on the Materials Classification and Properties within Granta EduPack. Topics covered include: searching materials information, materials classification systems, and using Granta EduPack to search for materials records and create property charts. These exercises accompany Lectures 1 and 2. Two files are included in this download:

  • An editable document with questions for instrutors to change to suit their needs
  • A document with both questions and solutions for instrutors only

For those resources that are restricted to "Licensed Educator Access" you can request to receive them by completing the form on the resource page, and upon approval a package will be sent to you that includes all of the restricted resources.


Mike Ashby

Resource Type(s)


Product(s) Used

Granta EduPack Introductory, Granta EduPack

Exercises: Materials; Classification and Properties 2022


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