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Design Exercises with Ansys Granta EduPack 2024

This is a set of exercises that support the Design database. It is created to help in design and product development. The Design database is more visual and image-based than the other databases of Granta EduPack. It also contains Aesthetic attributes, for example sensorial properties that quantify which materials feel hard or soft and warm or cold to touch. Use the Design database for exercises which are designed to promote the understanding of materials and processes through products.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of materials and processes properties through products
  • Ability to find design and engineering data from products
  • Appreciation of the relationships between Products, Materials and Processes.

Applicable Courses

  • intro to product design
  • materials in product design
  • intro to materials 

Downloadable Content

  • Word document with questions only, PDF with questions and solutions for instructors only


Claes Fredriksson

Resource Type


Products Used

Granta EduPack Introductory, Granta EduPack


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