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Case Study Teaching Package: The Built Environment-Materials and Sustainability of Buildings

It is obvious that our built environment is of huge direct importance to everybody's as daily life, but it is also contributing some of our most urgent challenges. With a world population of many billions, the impact from construction and maintenance is monumental. Resource extraction and material production as well as heating and other energy use, including transport systems, all have global-scale consequences.

In this case study, we use the Granta EduPack 2019 Architecture edition, to show some features to explore and discuss the Built environment. Materials for buildings are investigated and the Eco Audit Life-cycle tool is applied to a house.

This teaching package contains: the case study document, self-exploration exercises, lecture slides, and relevant project files.

For those resources that are restricted to "Licensed Educator Access" you can request to receive them by completing the form on the resource page, and upon approval a package will be sent to you that includes all of the restricted resources.


Claes Fredriksson and Bridget Ogwezi

Resource Type(s)

Teaching Package

Product(s) Used

Granta EduPack Introductory, Granta EduPack

Level 2 Industrial Case Study: The Built Environment


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