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1D Dipole Antenna Array in Ansys HFSS

In this Lab Tutorial the method of creating and analyzing a 1D dipole array in Ansys HFSS is explained. The tutorial covers two different 1D array setups (parallel axis dipoles and same axis dipoles) and details on the steps to follow. In addition the tutorial covers the comparison of the radiation patterns for the single dipole and the two different array setups.

Learning Outcomes

  • Setting up an array with lattice vectors in Ansys HFSS
  • Analyzing an antenna structure in Ansys HFSS
  • Visualizing radiation pattern
  • Compare performance of single antenna element against array setup

Applicable Courses for Use

  • Dipole antenna and basic antenna structures,
  • Basics of Antenna Arrays

Downloadable Content

  • PowerPoint Presentation,
  • Dipole Antenna model,
  • 1D Array model
1D Dipole Array

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