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Basics of Antenna Arrays

Antenna Arrays are widely used for the production of desired radation pattern(s). An antenna array is a set of  connected antennas (elements) that are in close proximity and work together as a single antenna. The array theory and the array factor are presented in this resource, focusing on linear arrays and analysing the effects of different array parameters such as element spacing and array size. The lecture presentation explains also how an antenna array can be configured in Ansys HFSS.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding concepts of Array Theory,
  • Ability to create an antenna array and estimate the array factor on Ansys Electronics Desktop -HFSS,
  • Awareness of wavelength and frequency of a signal, 
  • Directivity of an antenna

Applicable Courses for Use

  • Introduction to Antennas Arrays, Array Factor of Linear Antenna Arrays

Downloadable Content

  • PowerPoint Presentation
Basics of Antenna Arrays

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