ANSYS Advantage - Volume XI Issue 1, 2017(簡中版)

ANSYS Advantage - Volume XI, Issue 1, 2017 - Digital Twin



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  • Editorial

    A New Era in Simulation

    Digital twins take simulation-driven product development to the next level.
  • Best Practices

    Double Vision

    The digital twin provides a new layer of engineering insight by replicating the performance of products in operation.
  • Digital Twin

    Creating a Digital Twin for a Pump

    Technologies now make it possible to integrate simulation with products as they exist and operate in the real world. This enables companies to optimize operations and maintenance, as well as further accelerate the new-product development process.

  • Digital Twin

    Pioneering the Industrial Internet

    GE Digital is playing an integral role in digital industry by providing companies with valuable insights to manage assets and operations more efficiently.

  • Solutions

    Simulation for the Digital Twin Ecosystem

    ANSYS has a full suite of tools to enable a digital twin to deliver accurate, insightful and reliable results that can have a real impact on operation.

  • Transportation

    Comfortable Rail Travel

    Siemens engineers use ANSYS software to validate the design of the heating, ventilation and cooling systems for railway coaches to reduce testing time and cost by up to 50 percent.

  • Manufacturing

    Decreasing Drill Damage

    Researchers use fluid flow and structural analysis tools to analyze process coolant flow distribution and achieve longer cutting-equipment life.

  • Structural

    Tower of Strength

    Jet Towers used ANSYS AIM simulation to design a line of truss tower modules so that the company can build and install wireless towers in only one week. 

  • Pumps

    Pipe Cleaner

     FMC Technologies cuts the weight of a reciprocating pump in half while reducing its footprint and increasing its pressure output. 

  • Oil and Gas

    Ride the Wave

     A Petrobras engineer uses ANSYS simulation to reduce the number of experiments required to ensure that vessels can withstand rough sea conditions. 

  • Startups

    Wild Ride

    The engineering team for a battery-powered motorized skateboard employs engineering simulation to quickly make design changes, predict how changes will impact real-world performance and achieve meaningful improvements. 
  • Startups

    Lighten Up

    Using engineering simulation, a small company has developed sturdy, lightweight cargo pallets that are 18 percent lighter than traditional pallets. 

  • Startups

    Winning the Race to 5G

    PHAZR is developing unique 5G millimeter wireless networking for mobile and fixed-access applications. This innovative startup leverages ANSYS software to not only speed up its analysis, but provide design agility and flexibility for this cutting-edge technology. 

  • News

    Simulation in the News

    A roundup of news stories featuring simulation. 


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