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Ansys 積層製造解決方案
3D 金屬列印模擬軟體






What's New

Ansys 2023 R1 continues expanding toolsets for Additive Manufacturing users, streamlining design, simulation, and manufacturing workflows. Adding new wizards for distortion compensation and scan pattern-based calibration automates the simulation setup process, reducing the need for lengthy manual setup.

Automated optimization for the first-time-right printing

An enhanced and automated Distortion Compensation wizard within Ansys Mechanical reduces setup time by 50% by eliminating time-consuming manual processes for optimized geometry to print for metal AM. An optimized loop removes the need to run iterations manually by enabling users to set tolerance ranges, allowing the algorithm to provide an optimized geometry.

Increased fidelity

Boost the fidelity of simulations by simulating the exact laser paths used for Laser Powderbed Fusion (LPBF) by integrating the Build File Reader into Mechanical. Loading the identical scan paths enhances print success and process understanding by removing the need to ignore the anisotropic deformation of a part or estimate a generic laser path.

Simplification of the calibration process

Using the new Scan Pattern-based Calibration Wizard in Mechanical simplifies the calibration process for anisotropic simulation. Leverage the increased fidelity with Scan Pattern and Build File-based simulations without increasing the manual effort to establish valid calibration criteria.

Ansys Additive 2023 R1




Ansys Additive 解決方案是一種全面且可擴充的軟體解決方案,可將風險降到最低,同時確保高品質、可認證的零件。

  • AM (DfAM) 的設計
  • 建置設定
  • 程序模擬
  • 材料分析
  • 資料收集和管理
  • 零件驗證
  • STL 檔案修復及幾何操作
  • 零件嵌套及產生支撐
  • 定向指引與精靈
  • 金屬 AM 程序模擬
  • 失真補償
  • 建置故障預測
  • AM 資料的可追蹤度和完全控制
  • 整合、控制和共用整個組織的 AM 資料
  • 設計驗證
  • 結構及散熱分析
  • 文件控制與認證


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Additive Simulation 101 – 回到基礎

想像 3D 列印零件,並聽聽操作人員或工程師的驚呼聲。  首先,您想到的是什麼?...我們要花多少錢?  無論您是用塑膠、樹脂或金屬生產零件,成本都會有所波動,尤其是使用金屬積層列印時。  

Level Up 3.0

Additive Ansys 2022 R2 更新

Ansys 2022 R2 持續為積層製造使用者提供更多工具組,進一步簡化設計、模擬及製造階段的工作流程。了解 2022 R2 中改善的部分,以及升級 3.0 中進階製造的五個重點工作階段。

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