Ansys LS-DYNA is the most commonly used explicit simulation program, capable of simulating the response of materials to short periods of severe loading. Its many elements, contact formulations, material models and other controls can be used to simulate complex models with control over all the details of the problem.

Ansys LS-DYNA has a vast array of capabilities to simulate extreme deformation problems using its explicit solver. Engineers can tackle simulations involving material failure and look at how the failure progresses through a part or through a system. Models with large amounts of parts or surfaces interacting with each other are also easily handled, and the interactions and load passing between complex behaviors are modeled accurately. Using computers with higher numbers of CPU cores can drastically reduce solution times.


Running Ansys LS-DYNA with PC to Boost Productivity (with JSP)

Featuring a guest speaker from JSP, a market leader in engineering foamed products, this webinar shares expert insights on moving from workstations to an HPC workflow environment, leveraging the help of Ansys partners TotalCAE and Dell

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  • Nonlinear Structural Analysis

    Simulate models with large amounts of contacts, joints and other connections undergoing drop, impact and other short timescale events.

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  • ANSYS Workbench Integration

    LS-DYNA’s integration into ANSYS Workbench via ACT means fast and easy model setup and parametric simulation capabilities.

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  • Element and Contact Combinations

    Use any combination of solid, shell or beam element for ultimate flexibility in model definition.

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Related Tools

  • LS-OPT

    LS-OPT is a standalone design optimization and probabilistic analysis package with an interface to LS-DYNA. Typical applications of LS-OPT include design optimization, system identification and probabilistic analysis.

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  • LS-PrePost

    LS-PrePost is an advanced pre- and post-processor that is delivered free with Ansys LS-DYNA. The user interface is designed to be efficient and intuitive.

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  • LS-TaSC

    LS-TaSC™ is a topology and shape computation tool. Developed for engineering analysts who need to optimize structures, LS-TaSC works with both the implicit and explicit solvers of LS-DYNA.

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  • Dummy & Crash Barrier Models

    Ansys offers FE models free of charge to licensees of LS-DYNA who are current with their annual license fees (Annual License) or maintenance fees (Paid-up License).

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    THUMS represents actual humans in detail, including bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and internal organs along with the body shapes. It can be used in automotive crash simulations to identify safety problems and find their solutions.

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  • Download/Install

    Down­load Ansys LST soft­ware prod­ucts for the first time, or up­grade your ex­ist­ing in­stal­la­tion

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  • Manuals

    Find and download man­u­als for Ansys LST software prod­ucts

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  • Additional Links

    Find additional support resources for Ansys LS-DYNA, LS-OPT, LS-PrePost and Models

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  • Training Classes

    Discover introductory and advanced classes that help expand your knowledge and competency of LS-DYNA

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  • Material Selector

    Use the Dynamat Material Selector find information about materials based on their element or family

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  • Aerospace Working Group (AWG)

    The actions of the AWG serve to support the use, development, and reliability of LS-DYNA® for aerospace numerical analyses.

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Ls dyna used by Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University

謝菲爾德哈萊姆大學的研究人員使用ANSYS LS-DYNA顯式動力學軟體模擬網球球拍與球之間的衝擊,更好地掌握球拍性能涉及的物理原理。根據該研究的結果,網球用品製造商Prince Sports已經開始製造低摩擦球拍線。

ANSYS ls dyna used by Advanced International Multitech Co., Ltd.

Advanced International Multitech Co., Ltd.

Advanced International Multitech有限公司是一家著名的高爾夫球、高爾夫球杆和自行車用品製造商。該公司使用ANSYS LS-DYNA軟體評估多種球杆頭和高爾夫球設計,以提升設備的性能。通過評估多種高爾夫球材料和球杆頭幾何結構,Advanced International Multitech的工程師得以顯著提高高爾夫球的行進距離。

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