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Ansys Academic Partnership

Ansys believes in strategic partnerships with key researchers, educators and students across the globe to lower the barrier to adoption of simulation.

Partner Ecosystem

Lowering the Barrier of Adoption of Simulation

Ansys works throughout the world to support the growth of engineering. By partnering with student teams, researchers and universities, Ansys serves the academic world by creating opportunities for hands-on learning and new discoveries. Our relationships with a variety of academic partners provide benefits to all parties, propelling the field of engineering forward, both academically and commercially.

Become a partner

Become a partner

Interested in Becoming an Academic Partner?

Academic Partner Types

Supporting Strategic Engagements with the Best Engineering Solutions

Research Partners

Some of the world’s most important research occurs on campus. Ansys remains committed to providing its partners the needed tools to develop cutting-edge medical breakthroughs, new energy solutions and electronics advancements. Simulation software ensures key university research pushes the technology envelope.


Simulation software is the future of engineering. Ansys is proud to put these powerful tools in the hands of engineers. To make an immediate impact in industry, future generations of engineers need experiences and expertise in simulation software. Our curriculum partnerships support professors developing pivotal curriculum materials to support the widespread education of Ansys simulation.


As STEM programs continue to reach younger audiences, the intuitive easy-to-use nature of Ansys software makes partnering with secondary schools a tremendous opportunity to promote engineering. There is no better engineering resource to empower students to understand real-world situations and applications than simulation. Ansys wants to empower STEM programs to take learning to the next level. This will result in both a better learning experience and more students (both males and females) considering engineering as a career choice.

Ansys Student Team Sponsorships

Ansys provides engineering simulation software for university-based student teams participating in competitions such as Formula SAE, Solar Challenge, Electronic Design Competition, Solar Splash, SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design, Racing Aeolus, Human Powered Vehicle Challenge and many more. Using a package of Ansys Academic Products, teams explore the power and performance of structural, fluid, composites and electronics-based simulations.

Partnering for the Future

The Power of Academic Partners to Move Engineering Forward

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