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Ansys Fluids

Ansys 計算流體動力學 (CFD) 產品適用於需要做出更好、更快決策的工程師。我們的 CFD 模擬產品已經過驗證,並因其卓越的計算能力和準確結果而備受推崇。減少開發時間和工作,同時提高產品的性能和安全性。

快速準確的 CFD

我們的計算流體動力學軟體直觀且功能強大,可加速產品開發。Ansys CFD 產品可讓您透過創新取得絕佳的進步,因為產品最佳化的壓力越來越大,誤差幅度便會迅速縮小。由業界中最準確和最值得信賴的求解器組成,您將會對其結果充滿信心。無論您是想最大限度地提高內燃機的效率還是執行飛行中的結冰模擬,Ansys 皆可為您提供相對應的工具。使用現代化、方便易用的 Ansys CFD 產品,最大限度地利用您的時間並提高生產力。


We offer streamlined physics workflows to reduce time to accurate results, including battery conjugate heat transfer (CHT) simulations.


From ice accretion to combustion in a gas turbine, we have the CFD products to solve your problem accurately and efficiently.


July 2023

What's New

Continuing to push the boundaries of performance, productivity, and capability for CFD simulations

The 2023 R2 release delivers significant enhancements that improve performance through the multi-GPU solver, increase end-user productivity with automation and insights, and extend the capabilities to address ever-growing complexity in customer CFD applications.

  • Unleash the power of multiple GPUs with new support for rotating components with sliding mesh, compressible flows, and EDM combustion simulations
  • Quickly view and edit model and solver settings, monitors, and post-processing settings without having to load the mesh – opening a 6 billion cell case in as little as 80 seconds
  • Access additional solver settings within PyFluent for DPM, radiation, species transport, VBM, mesh interfaces, and more, broadening the range of applications for automation
  • Significant enhancements for aerospace applications include a Virtual Blade Model, a built-in Aero-Optical workflow, and a new ability to account for weak ionization at hypersonic speeds to predict communications blackout in Ansys Fluent
  • Automate meshing for hydro-turbines, including the ability to mesh Kaplan and Francis turbines with square trailing edges with Ansys TurboGrid
  • A new Volume of Fluids (VOF) capability is now available in Ansys Forte, providing an enhancement allowing the simulation of oil injection in screw compressors and pumps
  • Ansys Rocky includes new post-processing capabilities, featuring streamlines, flow tracers, and innovative boundary interaction statistics such as wet time and heat transfer


drone simiulation

Ansys 2023 R2:Ansys Fluent 新功能

參加「2023 R2 新功能」‍線上研討會,完整瞭解領先業界的計算流體動力學軟體推出哪些最新更新功能。


Ansys 2023 R2:Ansys Rocky 新功能

歡迎參加‍線上研討會,瞭解 Ansys Rocky 2023 R2 版本中的所有新功能,包括新版 SPH、GPU 演算法改善功能,以及與其他 Ansys 產品的多物理耦合。

Battery Simulation

Battery Simulation

Ansys battery modeling and simulation solutions use multiphysics to help you maximize battery performance and safety while reducing cost and testing time.

electric motor cooling

Electric Motor Design

Ansys electric motor design software progresses from concept design to detailed electromagnetics, thermal and mechanical analysis of electric motors.


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