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Ansys Sound

Ansys Sound 可讓您根據真實的聲學測量值或聲學模擬結果 (CAE NVH),來聆聽、分析及設計聲音來源。

Ansys Sound

Improve Your Sound Quality and Design

Ansys Sound is a post-processing tool that allows engineers to analyze and optimize their product noise using desired sound quality criteria and listening tests. Innovative time-frequency analysis and processing functions are available for isolating and modifying sound components and assessing the influence of sounds on human perception. Ansys Sound reproduces the 3D sound in-simulator and in-vehicle, including tools to tune Active Sound (ICE) or electric vehicles (EVs).

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    Reduced Noise Annoyance
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    Psychoacoustics Indicators
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    Listen to Vibroacoustic and CFD Simulations
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    Isolate Sound Sources

Quick Specs

Define meaningful vibro-acoustic specifications, targets, and acceptance thresholds using Ansys Sound's powerful post-processing capabilities. Special tools are dedicated to E-Motor noise, aeroacoustics sources, virtual reality 3D sound, and more.

  • Sound Analysis and Playback
  • Psychoacoustics and Sound Quality
  • Immersive Driving Simulator Sound
  • E-motor sound optimization
  • Harmonic Exploration
  • Listening Tests for Sound Perception
  • Engine Sound Design
  • Multiphysics Acoustic CAE Sound Rendering
  • High Accuracy Spatial Sound
  • Active Sound Design for EV

JULY 2023

What's New

In 2023 R2, advancements have been made to Ansys Sound software, including more significant integrations with other Ansys products, new sound source availability, and a more enhanced user interface (UI).

Lines of Code

Ansys Sound features exposed in DPF for Python and C++ allow users to automate previously manual tasks, including automation of order isolations and psychoacoustic metrics.

Parametric Equalizer
Integrations with Ansys Motion

Motion CAE files can now be sent directly to Ansys Sound for post-processing and acoustics analysis.

Noise Synthesis via Ansys Sound
Compatibility with NI CAN Rreading Device

Ansys Sound Design for Electric Vehicle (ASDforEV) software is now compatible with NI CAN-reading devices.

Amplifying Acoustic Simulation Benefits

Sound is everywhere. And the stakes are high, as global competition tightens and social media influences purchasing decisions.

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"By using the Ansys Sound, we definitely see an unparalleled time gain. Ansys enables our team to make earlier design choices, reduce physical testing and shorten time-to-market."

— Julien Caillet, head of department, acoustics at Airbus Helicopters

Developers face challenges of predicting and optimizing the sounds products will make in real-world applications. If they wait for the physical prototyping stage to assess acoustic effects, it may be a time-consuming, expensive fix to address issues, potentially leading to a poor user experience and possible damage to brand reputation. Using Ansys Sound, you get a post-processing tool to enable the prediction of noise and vibrations assessed at the earliest stages of virtual product modeling.

Combine this with other Ansys solutions to make immediate acoustic improvements to eliminate the time and costs of late-stage rework without over-engineering your design. By replacing guesswork with fact-based acoustic engineering assessments, companies in every industry can create signature sounds to reinforce their brand reputation, generate revenue and build long-term customer loyalty.


View all Applications

E-Motor NVH and Active Sound Design for EV

Ansys solutions for acoustics provides a complete multiphysics workflow for e-motor noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

Vehicle Electrical Systems application

Vehicle Electrical Systems

Optimizing automotive electrical system design with simulation enables automotive engineers to deliver the connected, autonomous vehicles of the future.

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Ansys Sound 是聲音設計、聲音分析和聲音品質的首選軟體解決方案。該解決方案提供創新的後期處理工具,可從虛擬產品建模的最初階段起,或以特定的測量值資料庫為基礎,透過人工聆聽來預測和評估噪音和振動。  此外,還能將聲音與駕駛模擬器、飛行模擬器和虛擬實境平台連結。

針對定義目標聲音、建立品牌聲音、主觀和客觀測量、元件分離和疑難排解,Ansys Sound 均有完善規劃。



聆聽聲音模擬、分析錄製內容、最佳化聲音品質、重現 3D 聲音及設計主動式聲音

  • 聲音分析、測量與播放
  • 諧波探索與電動機
  • 多重物理量模擬結果的聲音
  • 心理聲學與聲音品質
  • 測量聲音觀感的聆聽測試
  • 高準確度空間聲音
  • 沉浸式駕駛模擬器聲音
  • 引擎聲音強化和主動式聲音設計

讓您可對聲音訊號進行篩選與比較,並根據可擷取雜訊抑制、音調元件、暫時性元件及綜合所有元件的先進演算法,將訊號分為數個元件。您可以追蹤並隔離嘯聲、嘎嘎聲以及任何其他的純粹或諧波頻率,並可使用 Ansys Sound 聲音模組的暫時性偵測組件,隔離震盪、滴答聲、咔嗒聲、爆炸和各種衝擊聲。

探索偵測 RPM 設定檔或將其與訊號建立關聯,以及計算網格位階分析的可能性。RPM 訊號可以從記錄的轉速訊號或脈衝訊號中取得。您也可以使用 Ansys Sound 內可偵測諧波並以時間頻率表示的整合工具,加以擷取及建立。這些工具的強大功能不需仰賴特定的感應器裝置 (例如轉速表) 來執行諧波階數分析;針對電動機,您只要點擊幾下便能隔離 PWM (脈寬調節) 音調。


使用由 Ansys 和 CNRS LMA 研究實驗室的團隊共同進行的研究,來量化衝擊聲的響度。Ansys Sound 的心理聲學功能可以對訊號組進行均衡,以達到特定的通用指標,進而實現響度均衡。


每種聲音來源都有適用的 3D 聲音技術。為盡可能提升聲音的真實感,揚聲器的設置可配合客戶的設施。此外,還可執行現場校準和均衡,以實現模擬中的最佳真實感。即使透過一對揚聲器輸出訊號,聆聽者也能感受彷彿置身真實聲音場景的臨場感,同時體驗原始音景在音色和空間位置方面的高品質重現。Sound 提供多種不同的技術 (例如 Binaural、Transaural、VBAP 及 Ambisonics 技術),可搭配多種揚聲器設計或耳機,並可選用頭部追蹤功能。

這包含動力傳動系統 (ICE、Hybrid 或 EV)、空氣動力噪音、滾動噪音、尖銳的輪胎聲、HVAC、交通等,提供可生成汽車相關聲音的先進即時音訊合成工具。Sound 是專為與駕駛模擬器和虛擬實境平台整合而設計。您可使用開放式資料庫,製作可客製化的車輛聲音,並將其整合至軟體中。軟體的合成技術會根據特定情境中的即時事件來生成聲音來源,因此當駕駛條件改變時,合成演算法會配合新的條件進行調整,且每個聲音來源也會據以演變。透過與客戶設施相符的揚聲器設置及現場校準和均衡,實現最佳真實感。 

主動式聲音設計技術透過在駕駛時提供語音回饋,營造出能讓車輛更人性化、更有魅力且更安全的氛圍。此技術適用於 ICE 引擎車輛和 EV,包括 AVAS 和 ADAS 聲音。


適用於電動車的 Ansys NVH 解決方案

適用於電動車的 Ansys NVH 解決方案

使用 Ansys 的解決方案,在設計週期初期準確地歸納電動機 NVH 效應的特徵,以提高車輛效能和安全性。


容易操作使用的 Ansys 軟體

對 Ansys 而言,所有使用者包含身心障礙者在內皆能取用本公司產品,是極其重要的事。因此,我們致力於遵循美國無障礙委員會 (第 508 節)、無障礙網頁內容規範 (WCAG)、自願性產品輔助工具範本 (VPAT) 當前格式等各項無障礙需求。

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