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Battery Cell and Electrode

Electrochemistry: The physics behind how your battery operates and performs.


Simulation for Battery Cell Production

Electrochemistry simulation supports from the manufacturing of the battery cell to predicting age and lifetime. Cell manufacturers are tasked with the challenging job of storing as much power as possible, while reducing size, weight and cost. Accurately simulating electrochemistry before the manufacturing process helps with materials property selection and electrode structure design.

  • Analyze Different Electrochemistry
    Analyze Different Electrochemistry
  • 1-D and 3-D Capabilities
    1-D and 3-D Capabilities
  • Sensitivity Analysis
    Sensitivity Analysis
  • Template-based Workflow
    Template-based Workflow
Simulation for battery cell production

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Support Each Stage of Battery Production

It is critical to understand the phenomena taking place within a battery in order to enhance performance. However, visualizing extremely small-scale phenomena can be challenging. With Ansys’ 3D lithium-ion electrochemical model, users are able to solve the phenomena within a battery related to potential Li, Li-ion transport and electrochemical reaction.

Optimize li-ion battery performance with cfd

Optimize Li-Ion Battery Performance with CFD

This brief webinar will give you an overview of EV battery simulation using Ansys solutions. Topics include:

  • Battery electrothermal coupling for thermal management and BMS integration
  • Using simulation to prevent thermal abuse propagation in a battery pack
  • Understanding 3D Li-ion electrochemistry
  • Using a digital twin for remaining life prediction of a battery cell

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