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Ansys Maxwell
Low Frequency EM Field Simulation

Ansys Maxwell is an EM field solver for electric machines, transformers, wireless charging, permanent magnet latches, actuators and other electr mechanical devices. It solves static, frequency-domain and time-varying magnetic and electric fields. Maxwell also offers specialized design interfaces for electric machines and power converters.

Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Simulation for Electric Machines

With Maxwell, you can precisely characterize the nonlinear, transient motion of electromechanical components and their effects on the drive circuit and control system design. By leveraging Maxwell’s advanced electromagnetic field solvers and seamlessly linking them to the integrated circuit and systems simulation technology, you can understand the performance of electromechanical systems long before building a prototype in hardware.

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    Advanced Magnetic Modeling
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    Multiphysics Couplings
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    Bi-Directional CAD Integration
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    Electric Drive Modeling

Product Specs

Maxwell offers trusted simulation of low-frequency electromagnetic fields in industrial components. It includes 3-D/2-D magnetic transient, AC electromagnetic, magnetostatic, electrostatic, DC conduction and electric transient solvers to accurately solve for field parameters including force, torque, capacitance, inductance, resistance and impedance.

  • Reduced-Order Modeling
  • Slice-Only Solving
  • Co-sim Transient Performance
  • Automatic Adaptive Meshing
  • 2D and 3D EM Solvers
  • Component to System
Ansys Electronics

Slice-only Technology

Slice-only technology enables a cyclic repeatability simulation technique for electric motor applications. The analysis has been improved by efficiently solving just a slice of the motor, employing non-planar boundary conditions, using symmetric mesh and replicating results to the full model. Learn more about how “slice-only” technology helps simulate complex electric motors, read this blog.

July 2021

What's New

Ansys 2021 R2 introduces significant improvements in low-frequency simulation capabilities, as well as numerous multiphysics enhancements extending NVH to broader applications. Register for this webinar to learn more.

A-phi solver

A-phi Solver

The A-phi solver in Ansys Maxwell provides transient multi-conduction path simulation capability, enhancing the conductive emission for EMC analysis of busbars, power electronics and NVH solutions for multilayer applications like PCBs.

2D-skew design capability

2D-skew Design Capability

An enhanced 2D-skew design capability with V-shape and user-defined skew configurations enables designers to define any 3D physical skew topology onto a 2D design. You can achieve the 3D accuracy of electrical machine performance prediction at the speed of 2D simulations.

Multiphysics enhancements for NVH

Multiphysics Enhancements for NVH

Multiphysics enhancements extend NVH to broader practical applications of electromechanical devices and improve the thermal dependency response of permanent magnets.


View all Applications
Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections

Electric Motors

Ansys electric motor design software progresses from concept design to detailed electromagnetics, thermal and mechanical analysis of electric motors.

Power Electronics

Power Electronics

Power electronics systems are complex. Simulation provides the tools to efficiently solve high-level design challenges, improve performance and drive innovation.

Ansys Maxwell Electric Motor
Maxwell Power Transformer

Power Transformers

Ansys provides a comprehensive transformer solution inclusive of electromagnetics (frequency dependent, nonlinear), multiphysics (force density to Mechanical or loss densities to thermal analysis) and system-level model (frequency dependent ROM or nonlinear ROM) for circuit and system performance.

Maxwell Magnetic 3D Actuator

Magnetic Actuators

This design methodology covers design and analysis of magnetic actuators and solenoids including forces, inductances, flux densities, closing time, eddy effects, thermal performance, as well as incorporation into a system-level simulation.

Maxwell Magnetic Sensor

Magnetic Sensors

Ansys Magnetic Sensor simulation tools offer a complete solution integrating electromagnetic, circuit, and system-level engineering simulation in a common desktop environment.

Induction Heating Temperature

Induction Heating

Induction Heating applications require a robust Multiphysics simulation framework to intelligently couple the electromagnetic and thermal behavior together.   Ansys tools provide best-in-class tools and workflows to enable this technology.

Circuit Breaker Switches Losses

Circuit Breakers and Switches

Circuit breakers and switches involve electric fields and coupled electromagnetics with mechanical stress, thermal and fluid flow.   Ansys provides a complete solution covering all aspects of circuit breaker design.

Bio Medical Nerve Stim

Low Frequency Biomedical

For applications that require low frequency electromagnetics including wireless charging, bio-impedance, defibrillators, nerve stimulation, bio-sensing, MRI, and inclusion of human body models, Ansys provides solutions across all physics and many other biomedical applications.

Case Studies

ansys case study magnet

Indar Electric – More Power to You

Simulation helps Indar to design one of the world’s highest efficiency permanent magnet wind turbine generators.

Ansys case study

Hyundai Heavy Industries - Balance of Power

To balance performance and cost, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria uses Ansys multiphysics solutions to design power transformers and associated equipment. 


Increase machine efficiency and reduce time-to-market with Ansys Maxwell simulation

Customizable modeling capabilities, automatic adaptive meshing and advanced high-performance computing technology allow designers to solve complete high-performance electromechanical power systems. Automatically generate nonlinear equivalent circuits and frequency-dependent state-space models from field parameters that may be further used in system and circuit simulation to achieve the highest possible fidelity on SIL (software-in-the-loop) and HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) systems. Ansys simulation technology enables you to predict with confidence that your products will thrive in the real world.

Customers trust our electromagnetic analysis software to help ensure the integrity of their products and drive business success through innovation.

Maxwell Capabilities


Key Features

Maxwell is an industry-leading electromagnetic field simulation software for the design and analysis of electric motors, actuators, sensors, transformers and other electromagnetic and electromechanical devices.

  • Low-frequency EM simulation
  • Automatic, adaptive meshing
  • Multidomain system modeling
  • Expert design interfaces
  • Optimetrics
  • Granta Materials Data

A key benefit of Maxwell is its automatic adaptive meshing techniques, which require you to specify only the geometry, material properties and the desired output to obtain an accurate solution. Maxwell’s meshing process uses a highly robust volumetric meshing technique and includes a multithreading capability that reduces the amount of memory used and accelerates time to solution. This proven technology eliminates the complexity of building and refining a finite element mesh and makes advanced numerical analysis practical for all levels of your organization.

Maxwell's electromagnetic field solvers are linked through Ansys Workbench to easily set up and analyze complex coupled-physics behaviors such as deformed mesh feedback structures, stress and strain feedback on magnetic properties, EM fluids and acoustics.

Perform advanced simulation calculations such as core loss calculations, vector hysteresis, four-quadrant simulation for permanent magnets, magnetostriction and magnetoelastic analysis, and manufacturing effects on loss computation.

Electric machines and power converters require significantly different design criteria and simulation, which is why Maxwell provides specialized interfaces for each.

In addition to providing classical motor performance calculations, RMxprt automatically generates geometry, motion and mechanical setup, material properties, core loss, winding and source setup for detailed finite element analysis in Maxwell. 

RMxprt's template-based interface for transformers and inductors can automatically create a design from voltage waveform or converter inputs. The autodesign process considers all combinations of core shapes, sizes, materials, gaps, wire types and gauges, and winding strategies to optimize the magnetic design.


Featured Webinars

Webinar Series
Ansys 2021 R2: Ansys Maxwell Update

2021 R2 Ansys Maxwell Update

Learn about significant improvements in low frequency simulation capabilities and numerous multiphysics enhancements that extend NVH to broader applications, including better and faster 2D skew design modeling and the A-phi solver.

Webinar Series
Ansys Electric Machine Webinar

Electric Machine Webinar Series

This webinar series focuses on design and analysis of electric machines, and presents many of the technology capabilities offered by Ansys simulation tools including full-length presentations as well as short demonstrations.

On Demand Webinar
Maxwell Ansys Overview video

Ansys Maxwell: An In-Depth Overview

 Join us for this webinar which delivers a detailed analysis of Ansys Maxwell’s key capabilities, such as automatic adaptive meshing, high-performance computing, multidomain system modeling, power electronic circuits, advanced material modeling and more.

Case Studies

case study simulation engineering

Indar Electric – More Power to You

Simulation helps Indar to design one of the world’s highest efficiency permanent magnet wind turbine generators.

case study platform multiphysics

Hyundai Heavy Industries - Balance of Power

To balance performance and cost, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria uses Ansys multiphyiscs solutions to design power transformers and associated equipment.

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