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Ansys 模擬解決方案可大幅降低航空產業所要求的產品生命週期成本,同時加速推動技術創新,為未來的成功鋪路。 


透過 Ansys 模擬,航空產業能夠在整個產品生命週期內顯著降低成本,同時提供將塑造產業未來的創新技術。 

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    Product Life Cycle Cost Reduction
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    Future Aircraft Systems and Urban Air Mobility
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    Safe and Sustainable Aviation
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    Predictive Maintenance

Transforming the Aviation Industry Through Simulation

Simulation is transforming aviation by reducing costs across the entire product life cycle, accelerating the development of future aircraft systems that are safer and more sustainable and is extending its reach from design and development to the optimization of maintenance operations.

Ansys 機翼


塑造航空產業發展過程的兩個最主要重點是安全和永續性。90% 的航空專業人士表示,模擬對他們的成功至關重要。下載「安全和永續的航空」報告,瞭解其他訪談內容。




要實現安全和永續航空的未來,就需要航空電子學、軟體、輕量化、空氣動力學和推進等方面的開創性發展。隨著城市空中機動性成為現實,自動、電氣和 5G 連線航班將成為常態。從概念到飛機數位孿生的完整數位執行緒,將使最佳化操作、維護、維修和檢修成為可能。


Ansys Advantage: Digital Engineering Takes Flight

Learn how aerospace and defense organizations are applying digital engineering to stay ahead of adversaries and competitors.

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Explore digital engineering success stories across the sector — commercial aerospace, defense, and space.

Digital engineering holds enormous potential for efficiency and innovation across all the great initiatives now before A&D organizations.

The aerospace and defense industry was one of the first to embrace computer-aided engineering (CAE), but it has since acted slowly to expand digitalization efforts. Stepping forward into digital transformation will help these companies solve many of their challenges faster and at lower cost, delivering products to market sooner. So, it’s worth asking the question: Why haven’t they taken this step earlier?

This issue of Ansys Advantage seeks to prove the value of embracing digital engineering, as seen through the stories of organizations that have done so already. Within these pages, you can explore some of the ways in which digital engineering is empowering innovation in autonomous systems, spectrum operations, propulsion systems, light weighting and aerodynamics, and more.

Engineering Next Generation Aerospace Solutions

Around the world, companies use Ansys simulation solutions to reduce costs, improve safety and sustainability, while delivering the future of airborne mobility. Simulation enables engineers to innovate and optimize the performance of aerospace assets across their life cycle. 


Product Life Cycle Cost Reduction

Learn how implementing Ansys Material Intelligence solutions enables Rolls-Royce to save millions of dollars per year.



Ansys 模擬解決方案為 MagniX 提供工具,讓電動飛機成為現實。請聽聽他們的執行長怎麼說。


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這些航太與國防網路研討會,旨在探討航太與國防產業如何使用 Ansys 模擬技術,來設計與分析尖端應用。