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The Art of Optimizing Efficiency and Thermal Performance in Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging is becoming popular in electronic devices and automotive applications, allowing consumers to eliminate electrical contacts. Design challenges in wireless charging systems include reducing charging time, minimizing the footprint,  and thermal impact. Learn how Ansys Maxwell can help understand the impact on EM performance due to permanent magnets used for coil alignment, predict core and AC losses to obtain thermal performance and generate a frequency-dependent RL matrix for complete system-level performance calculations.

March 5, 2024
10 AM CET / 2h30 PM IST


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What You Will Learn

  • Design challenges in inductive-based wireless charging systems and Ansys capabilities
  • Ansys wireless charging simulation workflow, including magnetic analysis, parametrization, reduced order model extraction for system analysis, field visualization, and loss calculation
  • Power and efficiency analysis, wireless charging with permanent magnets, thermal analysis with Icepak and Qi standard 3D component library

Who should attend?

PCB Designers, Consumer Electronics Engineers, Systems Engineers,
Power Solutions Engineers, SI/PI Engineers, Product Design
Engineers, and Power Module Engineers


Pierre Demumieux