Simulating Fluid Structure Interaction with System Coupling

Version 14.0 introduced the new System Coupling component to ANSYS Workbench. System Coupling provides a generic infrastructure that allows data to be transferred between different systems in the Workbench environment, greatly extending the multiphysics capabilities of ANSYS Workbench. Fluent and Static/Transient Structural systems can be connected to System Coupling in version 14.0, allowing users to solve a wide range of real world Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) applications in an integrated environment, with easy setup, execution and post-processing.

In this webinar you will learn how to setup a basic FSI simulation using System Coupling, Fluent and ANSYS Mechanical in ANSYS Workbench. You will also learn about the capabilities offered with this feature and see several sample applications that have been successfully solved.
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