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FLSmidth Is on Its Way to a Hybrid CAE Cloud Infrastructure

Digital transformation is accelerating in all industries. Corporations are looking to increase agility and innovation by streamlining their processes and shifting company assets into services that can also be outsourced. One example is FLSmidth, a manufacturer based in Denmark — with 12,000 employees and offices in 60 countries. It provides market-leading factories, machinery, services and know-how to the global cement and mineral industries.

FLSmidth's R&D team is currently enhancing their in-house engineering computing resources. They are adding on-demand compute clusters in the Microsoft® Azure® cloud and moving their customized CAE workloads, including ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS Mechanical, onto this fully automated and self-service cloud platform. This result will be a hybrid, dynamic and fully automated self-service engineering simulation environment, enabled by UberCloud’s unique high-performance computing (HPC) software containers.

In this webinar, we explain current and future simulation infrastructure at FLSmidth, list the reasons for this sea change and describe the transformation process, benefits and challenges encountered along the way. Learn how UberCloud's CAE software container technology dramatically facilitated the smooth transition of its CAE workloads to a hybrid, multicloud engineering simulation infrastructure.


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