Reliability Based Optimization Within the CAD Environment

Great advances have been achieved over the last two decades in the design process, yet in many industries, this process is still executed by deploying traditional methods. A new method that is flexible enough to accommodate potentially contradictory design requirements such as cost, performance, aesthetics, safety, life cycle, and environmental impacts is being sought by industry leaders seeking an advantage over technically less adept competitors. Simulation, modeling, safety and costing tools have improved dramatically in the past decade. What is missing is a workable synergy between these tools. Used separately, these individual tools require several manual iterations to attain the optimum design. An intelligent modeling process for integrating the Probabilistic Design System (PDS) of ANSYS and the Behavioral Modeling feature of Pro/Engineer to automatically create optimum robust designs will be presented. An example from the automotive industry will be used to demonstrate this new integration of these tools. In this example, the parametric Reliability Based Optimization (RBO) becomes a feature of the solid model. As changes are made in the solid model, the RBO is automatically run during model regeneration, and the design is verified. This process empowers design engineers to conveniently generate 6-sigma quality designs early in the development process using sophisticated tools previously utilized by technically advanced engineers only.
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