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Case Study

Ansys SpaceClaim Helps 3Discovered Move at Startup Speed

“We’ve been working with SpaceClaim for a few months and we have produced hundreds and hundreds of designs in a matter of minutes. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made.” 

-Gene Garbaccio, COO/3Discovered

Spaceclaim Proves Itself Over Lunch

3Discovered had two engineers working on designs, neither with extensive modeling experience or any reverse engineering experience. “We went to the SpaceClaim site and talking to our service rep to build our skills. We tossed them to the wolves. I gave them engineering projects, went to lunch. When I came back, they were done.” Within two days the team was able to handle basic jobs easily and after two weeks, they were handling more complex jobs and after two months, he feels there is nothing they can’t reverse engineer. “We didn’t start with engineers that had been in the field for 10 or 15 years. We started with a recent college graduate and a guy that had some Inventor training. We’re already head of all of these guys that have been engineering for years. The send us stuff, we reverse engineer it in an hour, give them a price on the spot, they can order it and have the part then next day. That is freaking everybody out.” Typically, customers come to 3Discovered with a physical part, which the engineers scan or design. They import the STL from a scan into SpaceClaim or, if the part is easy enough to design, they build it directly in SpaceClaim. From there, they can split the part or do anything else needed to do to make it printable. “SpaceClaim is the tip of the spear for us.” SpaceClaim makes it work because it’s easy to use, easy to learn and does everything 3Discovered needs to do. “It’s a game changer, and SpaceClaim’s price point, especially if you’re a startup like us, you can get into it fairly easily. They also have superb customer support. For it’s price point and what it does, it’s hands down the best software there is.”



  • Find a 3D modeling software package that fit a startup’s budget. 
  •  Quick turn around design for printing. 
  • Take models in a variety of formats or design them based on 3D scans.



  • Able to create designs in minutes. 
  • Works from 3D scans or CAD models with equal ease. 
  • 3Discovered is able to meet all customer needs without buying expensive CAD software or multiple packages.



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