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Tackling Component Swapping Reliability Concerns in Current Supply Chain Environments

Supply chain shortages have led to significant disruption to OEMs in industry verticals such as automotive, consumer electronics, and healthcare in today's electronics landscape. To satisfy demand, companies and their supply chains are forced to rely on brokers to source required parts, bringing the risk of receiving parts with questionable reliability and quality. OEMs, especially in high-reliability verticals, may require their supply chain to demonstrate the reliability of alternate components that meet the form, fit and function through either simulation or testing instead of undergoing the entire qualification process for a new part.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to ensure the reliability of alternate parts and mitigate related risks for companies. This would shorten the overall qualification process through the physics of failure simulation, testing, and failure analysis. Finally, we will present case studies where alternate parts and designs are qualified through a combination of testing and simulation.


What Attendees Will Learn

  • How supply chain shortages have caused major disruption across industries
  • How component swapping is affecting product reliability
  • How to ensure the reliability of alternate parts meets fit, form, and function



David Spitz, Lead Consulting Engineer, Ansys 
Jon Kordell, Senior Consulting Engineer, Ansys


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