Simulation Process & Data Management

Decision support

  • Glean insights to support organizational decision-making with configurable role-based dashboards for quick snapshots of activities and notifications.
  • Track and measure performance related to simulation activities to identify trends and automatically generate actionable information (system reports, data usage, projects, resources) from large sets and various sources of data.
Decision Support 

Data management

  • Leverage simulation assets better via governance (processes/policies for business-critical simulation data), data quality and metadata management (capture definition and other metadata required to support CAE and business activities) and increased machine learning potential.
  • Manage work in-progress (ANSYS and third-party simulation and optimization) with optimized CAE user experience, including folder/file management, drag-and-drop and easy search capabilities and data reuse.
Data Management 

Visualization and metadata

  • Capture key simulation data definitions, glossaries and other metadata required to support business activities.
  • Visualize data in a consistent format (key inputs, boundary conditions, materials, etc.).
  • Explore model data with comprehensive, 3D lightweight visualization tools for standard CAD and CAE files.

Process/project management and collaboration

  • Initiate work requests for simulations incorporating multi-user workflows, with seamless integration to data, project management and access controls.
  • Provide stakeholders with clear visibility into inputs/outputs/discussions — all in one place.
Process Management

Configuration management

  • Manage change and improve the reliability of information. Get a complete picture of what has changed, the reason behind the change and who performed it, with built-in change notice capabilities.
  • Manage CAE model library with simplified version control and branching that works on both folders and files.
Configuration Management

Hybrid Deployment and Simulation Apps

  • Submit HPC jobs, monitor the progress and automate necessary data collection back to the system. Configurable with standard schedulers and a road map to include remote desktop capabilities and support for hybrid on-prem and cloud deployment.
  • Build web apps to capture automated processes and deploy specific simulation apps to be leveraged across the organization.
Hybrid Deployment 


  • Leverage standards-based interoperability with commercial product life cycle management systems. Minerva supports metadata extraction for industry-standard CAD and CAE tools.

Multiphysics Process Integration & Robust Design

  • Optimize performance parameters through integration with ANSYS optiSLang for automated chained data flows and design space exploration.
Ansys optiSlang Process 

Minerva Integrates with Ansys GRANTA MI: the leading system for enterprise materials information management

  • Access your simulation-ready materials property data from GRANTA MI when working within Minerva projects. GRANTA MI is the platform that enables you to capture, process and approve your company's material information, creating a single 'gold source' for your design engineers and simulation analysts.
Minerva Integrates with Ansys GRANTA MI