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Ansys Minerva
Simulation process and data management (SPDM) made easy

Ansys Minerva, powered by Aras is an enterprise-level SPDM solution that secures critical simulation data. Minerva provides simulation process and decision support in both on-premise and cloud deployment ecosystems.

Boost engineering productivity with efficient simulation process and data management

With Ansys Minerva, you’ll be able to secure critical simulation data, provide process and decision support, and deliver immediate benefits by connecting powerful simulation and optimization solutions to your existing ecosystem of tools and processes. Because Ansys Minerva is available for both on-premise and cloud deployment, it connects team members regardless of geography and functional silos. 

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    Capture and Manage Knowledge
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    Vendor-Neutral Architecture
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    Collaborate Across the Entire Organization
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    Scalable and Configurable

Quick Specs

Ansys Minerva’s provides powerful offerings in a vendor-neutral architecture that makes it easy to integrate with your existing ecosystem. No matter what other tools you use, you’ll benefit from increased collaboration, unparalleled data management and easy integration with your current workflow. 

  • Role Specific Dashboards
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Sign Off Reports
  • HPC Job Submission
  • Data Management
  • 3D Visualization
  • Apps Management
  • Ecosystem Integration
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Configuration Management
  • Traceability

Ansys Minerva Accelerates Your Digital Transformation

Revealing survey results from leading product life cycle management (PLM) solution providers and their customers


“Ansys Minerva is important to Eaton and plays a key part in our larger, enterprise-wide digital prototyping and additive manufacturing initiatives.” — Todd Earls, vice president of Information Technology at Eaton

With digitalization on the rise, understanding how to connect your business to exciting new technologies like digital threads, digital twins, PLM platforms, simulation and smart manufacturing will soon become a necessity. Businesses hoping to stay ahead of the competition, lead innovation and transform their industries need advanced tools to succeed.

Ansys Minerva provides these tools, giving anyone access to knowledge capture and management methods with traceable simulation data and rapid access to insights that will improve your decision making. You’ll accelerate your move into digital with easy data searching and visualization, A-I based modeling and more. Minerva’s open, vendor-neutral architecture and scalable, configurable approach make it a good fit for any team. Deploy Minerva anywhere across your enterprise using the cloud or keep everything in-house with on-premises deployment.

July 2024

What's New

With the 2024 R2 Release, Ansys Minerva provides a powerful capability for streamlining simulation workflows, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of results and addressing complex engineering challenges more effectively.

2024 R2 Minerva
Simulation Parameter Management, Verification Plans, and Reporting

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of simulation results and confirm that simulations meet predefined standards and criteria. Provide a common reference point for simulation data, criteria, and results and help identify issues earlier in the workflow.

2024 R2 Minerva
Performance Enhancements to Simulation Data Uploads & Downloads using Ansys Minerva Generic Connector

Enhanced upload and download performance for simulation data using Ansys Minerva generic connector. Version-controlled folders using the newly introduced model classification can help manage the folder structure and critical revision history.

2024 R2 Minerva
Integration with ModelCenter and Systems Tool Kit (STK)

Ansys Minerva works with ModelCenter and STK to streamline engineering simulation workflows by integrating data management, simulation tools, and optimization capabilities.


Ansys Minerva closes the gaps in your digital thread

Ansys Minerva is a one-stop enterprise-level simulation process and data management solution for collaborative workflows that offers native interoperability with all popular CAD and CAE tools, as well as PLM systems. It allows multiple users to view and use shared files, define work requests and even provides simulation  project management capabilities. Ansys Minerva can configure, launch and manage data flow from any common local application, enabling each team member to use the programs and workflows they’re comfortable with and still collaborate effectively with other team members. Automatic data extraction ensures traceability and built-in messaging takes the guesswork out of collaboration.


Key Features

Enterprise SPDM software with everything you need to improve productivity and make informed decisions about product development.

The easy-to-use data management interface allows you to efficiently manage the rich data produced by your simulation activities. With Ansys Minerva, you will be able to visualize and keep track of all your simulation data by leveraging state-of-the-art Configuration Management capabilities such as Version control and Lifecycles, Release Management, Branching, Workflows, Comparisons and Digital Thread Graphs, all of which are entirely configurable to fit your specific business needs.

Quickly glean insights that can guide your organizational decision-making, thanks to configurable, role-based Dashboards that provide the status of work-in-progress, key metrics, assignments and much more. Organize your engineering activities with unique capabilities like Tasks, Work Requests and Projects; ease collaboration across teams with Notification and Discussions, and provide stakeholders with a clear vision of inputs and outputs so everyone stays up to date.

With Ansys Minerva, you can save time and effort by submitting jobs to high-performance computing (HPC) on-premises or Cloud resources, monitoring their progress remotely and automating data collection back to the system. Ansys Minerva is configurable with standard schedulers and supports hybrid deployment on-premises and in the cloud. Continue to use your preferred applications and let Ansys Minerva manage the data flow and the traceability for you.

Product teams rely on real-time information to stay aware of the current state of their projects and effectively prioritize their work. Positioned at the center of the engineering process, the project manager must estimate, inspect, and monitor progress. Similarly, engineers work to achieve assigned milestones and keep projects moving on-time and on-budget. As the volume of complex projects continually expands, the management of simulation projects becomes a major challenge, with higher incurred cost.

Ansys Minerva takes the guesswork out of project management. By bringing all projects into one view, project managers can seamlessly re-prioritize tasks and adapt to changes in real time. Extraneous meetings and email communications are eliminated, granting work teams additional productive time, and greatly reducing the risk of duplicated efforts, missed deadlines, and team frustration. Project managers and engineers can work together smarter and deliver the next big innovation.

Ansys Minerva facilitates building web apps to capture automated processes and deploy specific simulation apps across an organization. Simulation experts can create and upload simulation automations to Ansys Minerva. Tool engineers and admins can use Minerva to convert these automations into apps, which can in turn be used by anyone who has permission within the organization. 

Access and use your simulation-ready materials property data from GRANTA MI when working within Ansys Minerva projects. GRANTA MI is the platform that enables you to capture, process and approve your company's material information, creating a single 'gold source' for your design engineers and simulation analysts.


Featured Webinars

September 25, 2024
Ansys Minerva 2024
SPDM: Simulation Parameter Management, Verification Planning, & Reporting

Join us for an informative webinar on Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM), to learn how Ansys Minerva effectively manages simulation parameters and standardizes use amongst the simulation users within an organisation. Investigate how you can seamlessly integrate verification plans into simulation workflows and generate reports configured to specific criteria.

Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Minerva and Simulation Process Data Management (SPDM) Update
Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Minerva and Simulation Process Data Management (SPDM) Update

Learn about the latest innovations of Ansys Minerva and the value of SPDM. See how you can increase your team’s productivity in the simulation process and data management, particularly with new capabilities around business process management, Icepak Integrations, and much more.

White Papers

Ansys Whitepaper CIMdata

Speeding Your Digital Transformation Journey

Jointly published by CIMdata and Ansys, the e-book reveals and examines survey results from leading product life cycle management (PLM) solution providers and their customers. 


ansys granta mi

Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) made easy with Ansys Minerva, powered by Aras

Go through this infographic to get a quick overview of business benefits of adopting Ansys Minerva for your SPDM needs.


Ansys Granta MI for Restricted Substances

From executives concerned with corporate liability to engineers making practical materials choices, manufacturing enterprises face restricted substance challenges at every level.


Granta Materials Data

Materials experts, designers, engineers and simulation experts need top quality up-to-date technical, environmental and economic properties of materials – metals, plastics, composites, ceramics and more. 


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