ANSYS Minerva

ANSYS Minerva

ANSYS Minerva, powered by Aras, is a centralized knowledge management application that improves multiphysics collaboration by making data, project plans and analytics easily accessible in one place so team members across the world and in different functional silos can work with the same, most up-to-date information.

Minerva will improve productivity and maximize the value of existing engineering technology investments by providing simulation process and data management, life cycle traceability, process integration, design optimization and simulation-driven data science capabilities. Available for both on-premise and cloud deployment, Minerva connects to all leading product life cycle management systems out of the box. Customers will derive immediate benefits by connecting simulation and optimization with their existing ecosystem of tools and processes.


Simulation Process & Data Management
Connect simulation for life cycle traceability and to enable collaboration and decision support

Access to Multiphysics Process Integration & Robust Design
Integration/automation of chained data flows and design space exploration for optimal performance parameters

Standards-based connectivity to engineering applications and life cycle systems

Hybrid Deployment
Composable on-prem and multi-cloud management for optimized simulation workloads



  • Structure simulation/optimization data, processes and projects
  • Access insights and information for informed decision making
  • Trace the ‘who, when, where, what’ for approvals and resources
  • Regulate productivity, repeatability and data quality


  • Apply data search and reuse
  • Access light weight 3D visualization and meta data reports
  • Integrate ANSYS and non-ANSYS tools and processes for interoperability
  • Foster collaboration and capture context


  • Adopt best practices for capture and deployment
  • Execute and monitor high-performance computing (HPC) jobs
  • Configure, customize and deploy on an open system
  • Upgrades included with subscription