Electromagnetic Interference/Compatibility (EMI/EMC)

ANSYS Electronics Desktop enables engineers to easily combine the unmatched accuracy of ANSYS electromagnetic 3D and 2.5D field solvers and the powerful circuit- and system-level solutions in ANSYS RF Option to diagnose, isolate and eliminate EMI and radio-frequency issues (RFI) early in the design cycle. Users can take advantage of the seamless workflow in Electronics Desktop, which includes advanced electromagnetic field solvers, and dynamically link them to power circuit simulators to predict EMI/EMC performance of electrical devices. These integrated workflows avoid repetitive design iterations and costly recurrent EMC certification tests. Multiple EM solvers intended to address diverse electromagnetic problems, as well as the circuit simulators in Electronics Desktop, help engineers assess the overall performance of their electrical devices and create interference-free designs. These diverse problems range from radiated and conducted emissions, susceptibility, crosstalk, RF desense, RF coexistence, cosite, electrostatic discharge, electric fast transients (EFT), burst, lightning strike effects, high intensity fields (HIRF), radiation hazards (RADHAZ), electromagnetic environmental effects (EEE), electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to shielding effectiveness and other EMC applications.

For ECAD system assemblies, engineers can utilize automatic and customizable EMI design rule checkers on printed circuit boards (PCBs) as preparatory steps to quickly identify potential interference problems prior to running simulations. Included in ANSYS HFSS and ANSYS SIwave, the EMI Scanner identifies potential locations in a PCB requiring further inspection and offers recommendations to remediate these problems. Consequently, simulation runtimes are considerably reduced.

ANSYS offers a cohesive solution to eliminate EMI and RFI issues and meet stringent EMI/EMC standards — a critical step for bringing an electronic/electrical product to market. These simulations from ANSYS lead to substantial savings on expensive EMI/EMC testing and avoid delays in product launch.


  • Industry-leading 3D static and full wave solvers
  • Comprehensive circuit simulation tool for EMC analysis
  • Powerful hybrid solvers for electrically large models
  • Geometry-based EMC, SI and PI rule checking
  • Ability to easily merge ECAD and MCAD models for EMC simulations

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