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Ansys Additive Manufacturing Solutions
3D Metal Printing Simulation Software



Gain insights through automated workflows to eliminate the risk of distorted or out of tolerance parts, and ensure high quality components.

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JULY 2023

What's New

Ansys 2023 R2 release of Additive Manufacturing tools packs a punch with three powerful new features that revolutionize additive manufacturing workflows.

LPBF Setup Wizard

New Wizard simplifies workflows with graphic displays, automatic result item additions, and support for multiple parts/supports and meshing options. Users will be excited about the wizard's ability to pre-populate AM Process Object settings and automatically set up contacts and AM Bond, making the creation of reliable additive manufacturing simulations more accessible.

Distortion Compensation

This feature now includes a single compensation add-on to complement the iterative optimization add-on. The update streamlines compensating for distortions in AM processes, saving time and effort. The ability to translate the part to the base in distortion compensation also enables effective Sintering compensation, making it easier to produce accurate and reliable parts.

AM Creep Properties

Mechanical now includes creep properties for all eight additive materials in engineering data. The update streamlines heat-treatment simulations with creep effects and provides a better residual stress reduction for AM heat treatment. This enhances accuracy and reliability in heat-treatment simulations for AM processes.

Ansys Additive 2023R2 Release
Ansys Additive 2023R2 Release
Ansys Additive 2023R2 Release



2023 R2: Was ist neu in Additive

Die Version 2023 R2 von Ansys mit Tools für die additive Fertigung bietet drei leistungsstarke neue Funktionen, die Arbeitsabläufe bei der additiven Fertigung revolutionieren.

Additive Processes


Ansys Additive Solutions, a comprehensive and scalable software solution, enables minimized risk while ensuring high-quality, certifiable parts.

  • Design for AM (DfAM)
  • Build setup
  • Process simulation
  • Material analysis
  • Data acquisition and management
  • Part qualification
  • STL file repair and geometry manipulation
  • Part nesting and support generation
  • Orientation guidance and wizards
  • Metal AM process simulations
  • Distortion compensation
  • Build failure prediction
  • Traceability and full control of AM data
  • Consolidate, control and share AM data across organization
  • Design validation
  • Structural and thermal analysis
  • Document control and certification


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Additive Simulation 101 – Back to Basics

Imagine 3D printing a part and hearing ‘oops’ from your operator or engineer.  What’s the first thing that goes through your mind?...How much is this going to cost us?  Whether you’re producing parts out of plastic, resin, or metal, the cost fluctuates, especially with metal additive printing.  

Level Up 3.0

Ansys 2022 R2 Updates for Additive

Ansys 2022 R2 continues to expand toolsets for Additive Manufacturing Users, streamlining your workflows between design, simulation, and manufacturing. Learn about the improvements in 2022 R2, along with five (5) focused sessions on Advanced Manufacturing at Level Up 3.0.

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