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IBM delivers a complete portfolio of advanced high-performance computing systems, clusters, storage and HPC management software for running computationally intensive Ansys software at peak efficiency — and delivering the results design engineers expect.

By partnering with IBM, Ansys enables customers to choose a single, reliable source for world-class simulation solutions that optimize product performance and longevity — while accelerating development and removing cost from critical processes.

IBM Intelligent Cluster

The centerpiece of the IBM HPC portfolio is the IBM® Intelligent Cluster integrated solution, which features industry-leading IBM® System x® servers, storage, software and third-party components that allow for a wide choice of technology within an integrated, delivered solution. These solutions can be optimized to meet specific requirements of Ansys clients. They offer significant price/performance advantages and can reduce power and cooling costs up to 50 percent while maximizing performance density — which is critical for HPC workloads.

As an integral part of the IBM Intelligent Cluster portfolio, the IBM Platform HPC comprehensive management solution lets clients quickly put the system to work with minimal effort and skill. Platform HPC optimizes resources automatically to maximize utilization, and the easy-to-use web-based tools make application deployment and ongoing management simple.

With IBM Intelligent Cluster, clients can focus their efforts on maximizing business value, instead of consuming valuable resources to design, optimize, install and support the infrastructure required to meet business demands.

IBM Spectrum Computing

When you need to run more iterations, simulations, analysis and get business results sooner, you need to maximize the potential of your computing power and the supporting infrastructure to accelerate your applications at scale, extract insight from your data and make better decisions faster. IBM Spectrum Computing products optimize distributed computing environments to deliver faster results while making them easier to manage and scale. They include functionality and capabilities to ensure that workloads fail over without complications when individual cluster servers go down or are taken down. The family includes powerful resource scheduling capabilities that enable organizations to maintain high resource utilization. IBM Spectrum Computing solutions provide dynamic multi-cloud bursting capabilities, along with support for containerized workloads so that your computing infrastructure can grow and shrink intelligently, based on workload demands.

IBM Storage

The new IBM FlashSystem family simplifies storage. With a unified set of software, tools and API’s, our hybrid flash and all flash storage address the entire range of storage needs, all from one data platform that extends enterprise functionality throughout all your storage. Deliver the performance required to support critical workloads like big data analytics and media streaming, along with a variety of mixed workloads, such as public and private clouds with hybrid flash storage arrays. A one-platform system allows for ease-of-use to seamlessly and securely manage data across your entire IT infrastructure. The result: spend more time further refining your data strategy and less time on bottlenecks. IBM also delivers leadership solutions for HPC, AI, & Big Data workloads. We deliver the world's most comprehensive HPC stack with best-of-breed compute, parallel storage, fabric, cluster management and workload orchestration software, services, & support anywhere in the world. Pioneering IBM AI tools also deliver you more value for your AI & AI enhanced HPC workloads today. Summit & Sierra, two of the world's leading supercomputers are built with IBM HPC technology. We're architecting systems for the next generation of data centric and AI enhanced deployments. Deploy these same technologies for your data center today.


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