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IBM Spectrum Computing

The integration with IBM Spectrum LSF workload management software accelerates Ansys engineering simulations while providing users with transparent access to a heterogeneous distributed computing resource environment. With a deeper managed compute capacity users are able to run more complex and accurate simulations than was previously possible.

Users will also have the ability to run more exhaustive sets of test cases in a finite time period. IBM Spectrum LSF allows your engineering team to deliver faster, more accurate designs by leveraging all existing resources.

IBM Spectrum LSF and Ansys customers have an optional easy to use web-based, user interface that simplifies job submission to your HPC environment. Geographically distributed teams are able to collaborate via an engineering portal and security is improved by reducing the number of users with direct access to the cluster.

The combination of Ansys software and Platform’s LSF enables businesses to improve product quality and reduce the time to market with lower costs for new products. This solution will also maximize the IT infrastructure asset utilization resulting in higher ROI, lower infrastructure costs and opportunities for capital cost avoidance.

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