ANSYS SpaceClaim and ANSYS Discovery Live Webinars

Join us for one of two exciting webinars where we'll focus on ANSYS Discovery Live and ANSYS SpaceClaim. Content for these webinars will be similar, but one will be more geometry-centric while the other will show more simulation-related workflows. ANSYS Discovery Live provides instantaneous simulation, tightly coupled with direct geometry modeling, to enable interactive design exploration and rapid product innovation. ANSYS SpaceClaim, the geometry engine behind Discovery Live, is a multipurpose 3-D modeling application providing efficient solutions to common modeling tasks.

Concept Modeling and Simulation with ANSYS SpaceClaim

This webinar will explore ANSYS SpaceClaim's 3-D concept modeling capabilities. We’ll demonstrate the power that direct modeling brings to various workflows, such as design, manufacturing, 3-D printing, reverse engineering, sheet metal fabrication and engineering simulation. You’ll learn how SpaceClaim can be used for rapid concept development starting from a blank screen or imported file; how it creates and edits assemblies; and how rapidly it can make detailed 2-D drawings. Finally, we’ll demonstrate SpaceClaim technology in the context of an engineering simulation using a new product called ANSYS Discovery Live, a revolutionary solution that rewards you with instantaneous simulation results as soon as you change the geometry or other parameters of your model. Attend this webinar and you’ll walk away more confident in your ability to perform concept modeling and true upfront simulation. 

ANSYS Discovery Live and Geometry Modeling

In this webinar we'll focus on ANSYS Discovery Live. As fast as you can make geometry changes to 3-D models, Discovery Live provides instant engineering simulation answers. This combination empowers true upfront simulation. Join us for this webinar and learn about several concept modeling tools along with the power of direct modeling built into Discovery Live. You'll walk away being able to edit models as fast as Discovery Live solves them.