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Ansys Discovery
3D Simulation Software

Ansys Discovery features the first simulation-driven design tool combining instant physics simulation, high-fidelity simulation and interactive geometry modeling in a single easy-to-use experience.


Ansys Discovery Reveals Critical Insights Early in the Design Process

By combining interactive modeling and multiple simulation capabilities in a first-of-its-kind product, Discovery allows you to answer critical design questions earlier in the design process. This upfront approach to simulation saves time and effort on prototyping as you explore multiple design concepts in real time with no need to wait for simulation results.

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    Easy-to-use interface
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    High-fidelity simulation powered by Ansys solvers
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    Embedded multiphysics simulation
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    First-of-its-kind live physics simulation

Quick Specs

Ansys Discovery answers critical design questions early in your process with speed and accuracy. Boost productivity and performance by eliminating long waits for simulation results. Discovery lets engineers focus on innovation and product performance. 

  • Static structural analysis
  • Steady-state and transient thermal analysis
  • Concept modeling
  • Transfer to Mechanical and Fluent
  • Modal analysis
  • Conjugate heat transfer (CHT)
  • Part or assembly import from any CAD program
  • Fast interactive results rendering
  • Steady-state and transient fluid flow
  • Topology optimization
  • Automated parameter sweeps

Creating Surgical Solutions for Quicker Patient Recovery

Discovery speeds implant design to improve patient rehabilitation.

Discovery surgical

“When we were introduced to Ansys Discovery, we were able to introduce simulation up front into our planning process. This means our digital models will behave anatomically and mechanically like the patient will, allowing us to do very rapid iteration to improve the surgical product and surgical outcome.” 

—Mauricio Toro, CEO, Techfit

Patients rely on the speed and accuracy of Techfit Digital Surgery to create implants that support healing bones. Every patient’s needs are unique, whether they're recovering from cancer or major injuries. Ansys Discovery simulation solutions can directly impact a patient’s recovery and rehabilitation. By exploring different design scenarios, engineers can validate products faster, get patients into surgery quicker and enable patients to enjoy recovery sooner. Through the Discovery software, Techfit Digital Surgery evaluates a patient's need and turns it into a design, highlighting the company’s mantra of “iteration makes perfection.” 

January 2021

What's New

Set up and run simulations in Ansys Discovery for a wide range of industries and applications faster and easier than ever before with new multiphysics capabilities, performance improvements and dynamic collaboration updates.  

thermal management capabilities

New thermal management capabilities

Discovery now includes conjugate heat transfer (CHT) to determine fluid and solid temperatures to evaluate fluid and thermal performance of product designs. Solve a wide range of product design challenges with multiphysics simulation capabilities across numerous industry applications.


Focus on speed, interactivity and feedback

Workflow enhancements, parameterization of physics inputs, and a new units control on the legend make it possible to setup and run a simulation faster and easier than ever before with Discovery.


Easy access to Ansys flagship products

Pick up right where you left off in Discovery and simulate more complex physical behaviors with direct access to Ansys Mechanical and Fluent simulation software, as well as Ansys Cloud and VDI support. All from within the Discovery user interface.

Discovery Applications

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Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections

Heat Exchangers

Ansys enables heat exchanger design optimization for energy efficiency, materials selection, and life prediction under harsh operating conditions.

intercooler streamlines discovery
Châssis de véhicule

Châssis de véhicule

L'optimisation de la conception du châssis à l’aide de la simulation vous permet de créer la prochaine génération de véhicules sûrs, légers, économiques, durables, fiables et haute performance.


Intérieur de véhicule

Découvrez de quelle manière la simulation Ansys permet d'optimiser le design intérieur des véhicules, qu’il s’agisse du confort, du bruit ou de l'interface homme-machine.

Groupe motopropulseur de véhicule

Groupe motopropulseur de véhicule

Découvrez comment la simulation Ansys permet d'optimiser la conception des groupes motopropulseurs afin de satisfaire aux objectifs de performance, d'efficacité énergétique et environnementaux.



Développez des implants innovants et durables adaptés  à la physiologie du patient et conformes aux exigences de compatibilité IRM.

Discovery Case Studies


Upfront Simulation Speeds the Innovation of Product Design

By answering critical design questions early in the process, thus decreasing engineer labor and physical prototyping costs, Ansys Discovery allows for a ROI boost across your organization. Upfront simulation reduces prototyping and testing needs and minimizes engineering change orders while maximizing design and ideation focus.

Ansys Discovery 3D product simulation software allows engineers to quickly prepare models for simulation or create design variations, all while rapidly exploring multiple design concepts with real-time interactivity. Upfront simulation improves product insight and leads to a more efficient and higher-performing outcome.

Discovery Simulation


Key Features

Simplify your 3D modeling and simulation tasks with a range of Discovery software capabilities:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Fluid Analysis
  • Topology Optimization
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Geometry Modeling
  • Modal Analysis
  • Parameter Studies
  • Multiphysics Analysis


Ansys Discovery removes barriers that previously prevented engineers from using engineering simulation. Instead of dealing with the difficulty of performing structural analyses on complicated geometry, the abilities of Ansys Discovery allow for near-instant simulation results once loads get established. With the interactive nature of Discovery, engineers can test several design ideas in mere seconds, receiving immediate insight around the structural performance of a design. The Ansys solver technology provides additional details and calculates high-fidelity results for continual increases in design confidence. 

The struggle to find meaningful internal flow characteristics in a reasonable time gets eliminated with the use of Ansys Discovery. The 3D product simulation software solution provides invaluable feedback so you can understand trends, all while offering near-instant solving and visualization capabilities. When you’re ready for additional detail and higher accuracy, use the Fluent solver within the Discovery environment without changing your model or your workflow. 

The speed of the Ansys Discovery topology optimization tool is extremely handy, but the interactivity of the tool for generative design — the first-ever offering of its kind — means engineers can easily evaluate a wide-ranging spectrum of product behaviors to uncover the perfect design solution. Topology optimization capabilities account for manufacturing constraints and can apply to multiple load cases and physics, including modal and structural simulations, giving Discovery additional uses across multiple product designs.

Real-time modeling and data within your 3D model via Ansys Discovery give temperature distribution data as you change models, tweak input characteristics or switch out materials. The real-time heat flow and temperature distribution information allows you to test ideas in real time, iterating and ideating along the way to find the best solution for your singular design needs, without the frustration of waiting for traditional simulation process steps. Enjoy the rewards of real-time modeling with improved final product delivery. 

The ability to create and edit geometry remains critical to design exploration. The Ansys Discovery software makes those tools available within all parts of the workflow. Engineers can edit the shape of a model while viewing results and watch the simulation immediately update. Leverage native CAD models from a vast range of sources and update simulations with new versions when changes come. Geometry modeling offers a fresh take on simulation speed with a focus on final solutions. 

Expect to quickly observe the different modes of vibration and receive a rapid understanding of problem frequencies. With the fast, direct geometry editing powered by Ansys SpaceClaim, make adjustments to models and instantly see the impact. Discovery’s simulation-guided design accelerates product development, helps avoid delays and ensures you’re designing your best products.

Get to know the best solution for your project by studying how changes to geometry or physics input parameters change the results. Using parameter studies — also known as parameter sweeps — the design studies create a Pareto frontier of data in Ansys Discovery, meaning you can explore a large number of design possibilities by automating multiple geometric or simulation parameters. The simple process allows you to choose input parameters so you’re evaluating ideas simultaneously. With Discovery’s processes automated, expect to rapidly try new ideas, obtain fresh results and better understand trends and trade-offs to fit within your design goals.


Ansys Discovery License

The Ansys Discovery license provides access to a broad set of modeling and physics simulation capabilities, including geometry modeling tools for cleaning, defeaturing, and editing imported models as well as generating new geometries to support simulation workflows; live physics simulation capabilities including thermal, structural, fluids and topology optimization; and simulation setup and post-processing functionality.


Solving high-fidelity simulation in Ansys Discovery requires an additional license depending on the physics. As detailed in the chart below, solving structural and thermal physics requires the Mechanical Pro or Discovery Structural Physics Add-on license, whereas solving fluid physics requires the CFD Pro or Discovery CFD Physics Add-on license. 

Product Packages Comparsion 

Ansys Discovery Capabilities Chart Structural & Thermal Physics


+ Ansys Mechanical License* 

Type Instant physics High-fidelity results
Simulation setup & pre-processing    
Post-processing of results    
Static structural    
Point masses    
Pre-stressed modal    
Linear frictionless contact    
Nonlinear contact & joints    
Large deformation    
Pre-tension bolts    
Topology optimization    
Manufacturing constraints for topology optimization    
Steady-state thermal    
Transient thermal    
Transfer to Mechanical    

*Mechanical Pro, Premium, Enterprise, or the Discovery Structural Physics Add-on


Ansys Discovery Capabilities Chart Fluids & Multiphysics


+ Ansys CFD License*

Type Instant physics High-fidelity results
Simulation setup & pre-processing    
Post-processing of results    
Steady-state flow    
Transient flow    
Incompressible flow    
Buoyancy – Boussinesq    
Thermal surface loads (convection, heat)    
Transfer to Fluent    

*CFD Pro, Premium, Enterprise, or the Discovery Fluids Physics Add-on


Featured Webinars

Discovery Webinar Series

Discovery Webinar Series

Learn how Discovery can help you improve effectiveness across valves, address structural simulation challenges, overcome thermal management issues and perform topology optimization and much more...all in 17 minutes.

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Ansys Discovery Simulation

The Four Benefits of Simulation-Driven Design

This report presents the business benefits of taking a simulation-driven design approach, enabled by engineers, across the design cycle.



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