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Longboard Design with Ansys Mechanical and Granta EduPack

In this webinar we will showcase how to embed key concepts in optimal materials selection and optimal design together using Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Granta EduPack


September 1, 2021
11 AM EDT / 4 PM BST / 8:30 PM IST


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About this Webinar

Product design projects are valuable teaching tools to help students engage in learning engineering mechanics and materials. They are also great ways for educators to embed key concepts in optimal materials selection and optimal design together. In this webinar, we will explore how to include both materials selection and structural analysis in exercises and projects with Ansys Granta EduPack and Ansys Mechanical. We will demonstrate this integration through a longboard case study in which we will show how to set up a non-linear static problem and parametric-based optimization.

What you will learn  

  • Basic features of Ansys Granta EduPack and Ansys Mechanical
  • How to perform basic material selection with Ansys Granta EduPack
  • How to transfer Material Data from Ansys Granta EduPack to Ansys Mechanical
  • How to set up a structural problem in Ansys Mechanical and perform parameterization
  • How to make students address optimization and failure analysis with Ansys Mechanical

Who should attend

Educators involved in mechanical or aerospace engineering courses to learn how to embed material selection combined with structural analyses in exercises and projects