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Discuss Digital Engineering with Ansys Executive Leaders at Farnborough Airshow

July 22-26 - Chalet #C221    

We've reserved chalet #C221, and access is limited to guests with scheduled meetings. To learn why aerospace and defense organizations are partnering with Ansys to realize the full potential of digital engineering, request a meeting with our experts.

Achieving a Competitive Advantage With Digital Engineering​

The aerospace and defense industries have long operated on the cutting edge to develop and deliver the most advanced capabilities to all domains—land, sea, air, space, and cyber. However, to keep pace with rapid technological changes, companies must embrace digital transformation to create more flexible processes, update legacy programs, and build a workforce empowered to innovate at scale. Simulation is essential to successful digital transformation because it accelerates innovative leaps, reduces costs, and mitigates risks, enabling organizations to create better products faster.

Advanced Training

The challenges of designing the next generation of air superiority platforms are formidable, and the interconnectedness of cyber-physical systems, in particular, threatens to extend timelines and inflate costs.​ Ansys solutions enable organizations to fundamentally change how engineered systems are designed, developed, tested, and maintained.


As A&D companies seek an edge in sustainability, they are developing lightweight aircraft components, airframes with improved aerodynamics, and engines incorporating cutting-edge technologies to enhance fuel efficiency. Ansys solutions equip aerospace companies with the efficiency they’ll need to outpace rivals and deliver sustainable commercial aviation.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations

The rapid evolution of advanced air mobility (AAM) will transform the aviation industry. However, to realize the full potential of this opportunity, numerous challenges—such as regulatory hurdles, infrastructure, and ensuring safety and reliability—must be addressed. Ansys simulation solutions are essential to AAM because they accelerate innovative leaps, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

Space Domain Awareness

Ansys offers simulation solutions that address all the needs of space missions — from designing launch systems and spacecraft and their instruments and payloads to planning operations and sustaining them. Our solutions can achieve an enterprise-level digital engineering environment that integrates with other software tools and data.

Test and Evaluation

Ansys software can bolster every facet of mission testing and evaluation — assisting in identifying crucial test areas, optimizing test point density planning, providing real-time support for missed test points, and expediting analysis with improved result communication.

Digital Transformation

Ansys software solutions enable you to establish the three essential components of digital engineering — an open ecosystem, a mission-centric alignment across teams, and a connected digital thread to facilitate and hold that alignment.

Join us at the Air Show